Data privacy and information security have been big news for quite some time, even before Edward Snowden made consumers aware that their cell phone records were being handed over to the government without warrants. But government access, hacking events, and data breaches seem to have done very little to stop people from using cloud-based storage options.


That’s why a long-time concept in data protection, appropriately called zero knowledge, is gaining traction with tech users who are smart enough to know the implications of storing their content in easily accessible cloud-based applications. Zero knowledge means exactly what the name implies: your data is encrypted the moment it leaves your computer, and isn’t decrypted until you unlock it with your password and retrieve it.

One of the most well-known zero knowledge cloud storage options is SpiderOak, who’s released an update today to its user-friendly download. This update enhances both its free account option and its paid accounts, which give you up to 1TB for only $12 a month.

There’s an important point to remember about data protection, and it’s often completely misunderstood by the more naive members of the computing world; the old statement that the only ones who need to keep people out are the ones who have something to hide is obviously no longer true. We live in a world of hacking events and government spying, and when we ignore those events and accept them as par for the course, we’re relinquishing our rights. It’s important to protect your content, whether it’s a Word doc of your grandmother’s recipes or your proprietary, forward thinking documents on a brand-new, potentially multi-million dollar earning start up. No matter what it is, it’s YOUR content, and you have the right to keep it private.

To check out SpiderOak’s free version or to see any other updates that have been released in the past few days, head over to FileHippo by clicking HERE.