When people think of software that lets them capture live video off their computers, undoubtedly most users think of the nefarious purposes like pirating a movie or TV show. But just because a few bad eggs have some unscrupulous ideas for the technology doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t benefit from a great tool.

video reel


One of the best uses for live streaming capture capability is in recording from your home security cameras. Rather than install an expensive setup and pay monthly for monitoring, you can get some rather cost-effective cameras that feed directly (or over wifi) to a computer, then use this type of software to record. If you’re one of the users who’s already bemoaning the loss of Windows Media Center in the new Windows 10 update, you can benefit from live streaming capture to record your favorite TV shows while you’re not home. Live streaming capture also lets you save gaming experiences as they’re happening, create tutorials based on the content of your screen for others to use, and so much more.

One of the more popular titles for this type of purpose is Stream-Cloner, which released an update on FileHippo. Stream-Cloner basically lets you record anything you can see on your computer in real time, convert it into multiple file formats, and even consume it on your mobile devices. It’s great for grabbing some content for watching later when you won’t be near a wifi connection, for example. It’s both fast and capable, and has an easy to use interface. Best of all, the free trial version lets you record as much as 30 minutes of video so you can decide if it’s going to have the features you need before you buy the full version.

To check out the update to Stream-Cloner or other updates, check out FileHippo by clicking HERE.