Twitter recently rolled out it’s data dashboard to all users, but the company has taken this action a step further and shared some new updates as well. Available via the Web, the service will tell users about their account activation details, what devices have accessed those profiles, and recent login history. This is considered to be a smart move by Twitter given the hot topic of privacy as of late.


Twitter has made it clear that they want to be known as a serious advocate of data protection. Thanks to their latest update, users will be able to quickly review their account and deal with any issues much faster than before. Users should greatly appreciate this change as it cuts into precious time previously lost if your account ever became compromised and needed handling as soon as possible.

What’s most interesting about the announcement from Twitter regarding the security update are the subtle digs the company seems to have taken at other companies, most notably, Facebook. In their post, Twitter wrote: “To put you in control of your information, we’ve made a series of deliberate design decisions that help protect your privacy and security. For example, you don’t need to use your real name on Twitter.” This seemed to be a direct dig at Facebook as the company has recently faced criticism for its real name usage policy. The post continued, “Your privacy settings let you control whether your Tweets are kept public, and you can enable login verification for greater account security. We respect Do Not Track, and we secure your Twitter experience with HTTPS by default, StartTLS and forward secrecy.

These updates should be welcomed by Twitter users as it will make accounts more secure, and possibly take Twitter off the prime target list for hackers and the sharing of fake news on real accounts. However, this roll-out isn’t as timely as it could have been, since similar services – Facebook included – have had this capability for some time now.