With all the great software available–and let’s face it, with so many places to download software online–it can be hard to know which titles and which sites to trust. Fortunately, FileHippo offers some of the best titles available, all straight from the developers themselves. And with the daily release of updated versions, it’s easy to stop on top of your productivity tools.


One of the updates released today, USBFix, is a top-rated malware removal that works specifically for rooting out malicious software installed in the background on flash drives and other USB memory devices. Face it, with the abundance of so-called “plug and prey” flash drives shipping directly from the factory with malicious software installed, it’s risky not to run this kind of software. Not only does USBFix detect and block harmful software, it can also run a check of your existing drives and directory to find any previously installed issues. Users also have the option to run the “vaccination” option which will setup autorun.inf files on their removable drives, just to keep them from picking up something nasty when they’re used on other machines.

Another great update that came out today is FreeFileSync, a great open source application that lets you compare and sync different folders at the click of a mouse. The platform itself is very clean and straightforward, and works in a very intuitive way. You can even sync in batches for easy use, and the software can detect repeats and other problems that would clog up your drive and slow down your work. Best of all, it can be downloaded and installed on a USB drive and can work its sync magic there as well.

For all of this week’s great new releases and updates to favorite titles, check out FileHippo’s home page by clicking HERE.