FileHippo is the internet public’s source for the latest new releases and software updates, and today two longtime favorites get exciting facelifts. While each of these unique programs offers something fun and somewhat innovative for its users, the fact that the developers even offer these updates and crucial bug fixes is a testament to their commitment to providing a great experience.


The first program is Virtual DJ, and it’s a particular fan favorite on FileHippo. This program–which lets users mix audio files and music tracks for professional-quality results at a novice-level understanding of the technology powering it–is packed full of extras that bring the experience up a notch. The interface is intentionally designed to resemble the same equipment a DJ would use so that it can offer a mostly-seamless transition from this platform to actual mixing boards and turntables. Best of all, it offers a “vinyl emulation” option which is specifically designed to simulate the great sound of records.

The other great update to come out today is from a Polish software developer, and it’s their own take on instant messaging. Gadu-Gadu, as it’s called, offers a lot of fun features and optional tools like VoIP support, video chatting, the ability to play radio, and an easy-to-navigate contacts search bar. Be aware that it’s adware, and as such, you’re going to have to put up with a few advertisements, but that’s what keeps the platform free to use. Even though it’s free, don’t be alarmed about security; Gadu-Gadu offers password protection, anti-spam filters, and more.

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