Each week, FileHippo posts its list of updated and newly released software titles for tech consumers to try out and enjoy. Today’s updates include some great productivity tools and entertainment titles, meant to streamline your PCs and devices and make your overall experience that much richer.

Project Shield


One of today’s really fun updates is for a VoIP product called Mumble. This software is great in that it’s accessible by everyone for computer-based calling, messaging, group chats, and more, but its real benefit is to the online gaming community. The platform lets multiple players log in and communicate without slowing down the connections they need to keep the game going. Of course, the low-bandwidth requirement still doesn’t make you sacrifice the sound quality for those important communications during intense game play.

But what makes Mumble really great for this type of use–and therefore makes it a favorite for gamers–is its positional sound. That means players who are closer to you are louder and those who are farther away sound like it. That adds a richness to the communication that enhances the game and adds to your ability to maneuver, but it is only available on supported games.

Of course, there were a number of updates released today that just make your overall performance better. More importantly, they’re ones that can get to be a little bothersome if you don’t download them, mostly from the repeated reminders that your version is out of date. These include Shockwave, AVG Internet Security, Flash Player, Firefox, and Windows 7 Codec. Not only will updating these make your system run smoother, you’ll stop getting those pop-ups that remind you to do it! So go ahead, grab a latte and spend a few minutes making your computer happy.

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