A host of software developers offer tools to make managing your files, folders, and drives as streamlined as possible, but one of the features that some platforms lack is the ability to compare those destinations for duplicates, changes, updates, and revisions. Devart has handled that issue with the development of its title, Code Compare, which has a new release available today on FileHippo.

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Code Compare makes it easy to compare and merge your stored files, giving you the ability to morph your stored content into more useful files by identifying repeats and eliminating them. You can also compare versions of the same file with its seamless, easy to read interface. Even better, Code Compare offers Visual Studio integration to work with your collection of app developing tools, making the process of keeping up with the most recent version of your work simple and efficient.

While the Pro option for Code Compare offers even more tools, like a three-way merge feature and the ability to root out changes in the code’s structure, the free version available on FileHippo offers a ton of functionality for more basic uses.

When you go to check out Code Compare, be sure to take a look at another software title that released an update today, EagleGet. This download accelerator speeds up the processes that most of use on a daily basis, including video downloads, as well as adds the ability to download batches of video files and to setup a download scheduler for your content with a multi-language interface.

For these and all of the other software updates that were released today, go to FileHippo by clicking HERE.