Google Chrome is reportedly the most widely used browser globally, and with some of the included features, it’s not hard to see why. With the release today of version 46 (version 45 for Android broke out this week, too), some of the capability that has made it such a fast-growing crowd favorite just got that much better.

Google Chrome


It’s no secret that one of the best things Chrome brings to the table is privacy, especially when users are in the browser’s Incognito mode that doesn’t track your search history. But the sandboxing capability, which “boxes” up threats and keeps them from installing, just got even better today. And while the internet is still bemoaning the unwilling automatic updates of the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, the automatic updates in Chrome’s safe browsing mode are a little bit more of a crowd pleaser since they only impact the browser’s security settings and not your entire computer.

Beyond the privacy and security measures, another feature that’s made Chrome so popular has got to be its highly-personalized customization features. It’s almost as though no two Chromes look alike, since so much power is placed in the hands of the user when it comes to deciding how to use the browser. This capability also gets a boost in today’s update with an increase in the already high number of apps, extensions, themes, and other options.

Finally, Google Chrome has long been hailed as being one of the fastest web browsers out there, and that’s largely due to the developer’s mad obsession with running the most efficient platform. The interface is actually really simple-looking, consider who’s powering it, but that’s because all of the effort was put into speed over beauty.

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