Whether you like the company or not, there’s no question that Amazon has reshaped the face of reading, of publishing, and even of retail commerce. A number of “revolutions” have been attributed to the company, including the self-publishing movement, the state of small businessmen who are now able to reach global consumers without a hefty store front, and other forms of industry.



A large part of the success of the company and these so-called revolutions rests on the long-ago launch of the Kindle e-reader device. While the Kindle wasn’t the first portable ebook tool, it was one of the most accessible in terms of price and it carried with it an actual storefront of content to read. Unlike some predecessors that didn’t offer much in the way of books, the Kindle connected seamlessly to the entire Amazon ebookstore.

What too many consumers don’t know, however, is that Amazon has enabled all tablets, smartphones, and PCs to consume ebooks–without the cost of the Kindle device–with its Kindle app and Kindle for PC app. The update to this platform is available now on FileHippo.

The Kindle app lets users store their complete library of titles, download them to their devices for offline reading, bookmark and annotate their ebooks, and enjoy the enhanced viewing experience of reading on a larger screen. There is no requirement at all to purchase a Kindle reading device in order to use the app on your computer, but if you do happen to own a Kindle, the Whispersync feature will bring you to the last place you left off if you switch between the device and your PC.

One often overlooked-benefit to the PC app is the ability to let readers with vision issues or impairments enjoy ebooks on a larger screen than devices can offer. They can also read in a larger font size than print books provide, without having to pay the extra cost for large print editions.

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