As champions for making the tech world a better place through free access for all to its entire suite of tools, The Document Foundation–creators of the amazing LibreOffice suite–is leading the way in changing how we look at software. Instead of building in restrictive features that require you to pay a hefty price for use and licensing (and instead of pulling moves like requiring users to automatically download every update they come up with), LibreOffice not only works to make sure everyone can access their efficiency products, but they even encourage users to come up with their own hacks and share those changes with the community.


So if they give away their full range of products for free, how good can they really be? After all, if their software was any good, they’d make a buck off it, right? WRONG.

LibreOffice comes as a whole dynamic set of tools, including Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, Math, and Charts. These tools directly correspond to the products that some major-name software companies charge hundreds of dollars for, but are available for free. Even better, the compatibility between content created in LibreOffice and those other high-dollar office suites is almost seamless, so you won’t be stuck creating useless documents, charts, and spreadsheets that no one can open unless they, too, are LibreOffice users. What’s more, the interface that many office suite users have come to know is almost intuitive in LibreOffice, meaning the layout of where to find many of the features that we use every day will be there, and very nearly in the same place.

Whether you’re creating a quick document, firing off a letter, helping your children with a school project, or writing that book you’ve always planned on (complete with headers, page numbers, tables of contents, and more), LibreOffice is up to the task. Even better, when you use this suite, you become a part of a far-reaching network of people who believes that everyone should benefit from what our computers can do.

To take a look at the most recent update for LibreOffice, download it from FileHippo by clicking HERE.