As if Mozilla didn’t have enough trouble right now dealing with the fact that Windows 10 users are automatically Edge browser fans–regardless of the settings they choose upon installation, and regardless of whether or not they went ahead and made Firefox their default browser at installation–the company is still producing its standard updates that include bug fixes, compatibility adjustments, and more.


Mozilla released new Firefox updates for Windows in seven different languages (including English, of course) as well as updates for Firefox for Mac. The supported languages include English (United States), Firefox French (France), Firefox Italian (Italy), Firefox Polish (Poland), Firefox German (Germany), Firefox Japanese (Japan), and Firefox Spanish (Spain).

These updates retain everything we love about Firefox–like its stupid-fast JagerMonkey JavaScript engine and its easily customized UI–while still supporting the latest websites and plug-ins. Of course, the privacy features that made Firefox what it is today are still supported.

Fortunately for long-time fans who want to branch out with Windows 10, Brendan Kelley for Kim Komando posted these tips to try to restore Firefox as your default browser:

“One way to keep (or change) your default browser is to choose ‘Custom’ settings instead of ‘Express’ settings during your Windows 10 installation; this will let you pick your default browser during the installation. But if you’ve already upgraded, you might expect the usual ‘Firefox is not currently set as your default browser. Would you like to make it your default browser?’ prompt. That’s always worked before, but with Windows 10 there are a couple more steps to back away from the Edge.”

To download the updates to Firefox and all the other new updates to your favorite programs, go to FileHippo by clicking HERE.