In keeping with our “get organized” theme, another great organizational tool released an update today, and that’s ToDoList. Be warned: if you’re looking for a cute app for your even cuter phone, one that lets you insert emojis and change your background to a stock crowd shot from Coachella, this isn’t it.


Instead, it’s a to-do list manager for…well…grown ups. Specifically grown ups who work in tech, although anyone can use it. It’s not cute, it’s not “lemme hold your hand and walk you through it while you poke your screen with your finger,” and it’s not for keeping up with your grocery list (even though it certainly could handle it).


It’s really designed for people who will a) be seated at their computers throughout the day, b) need to collaborate and manage multiple things coming at them, often on the same project, and c) have never taken a selfie. I made that last one up. The beauty of ToDoList–in respect to the fact that this is the type of UI that tech pros stare at all day long anyway–is in its intuitive nature, especially if you’re already used to working with stylesheets.

Even better, perhaps its best feature is the ability to take a list then further subdivide that list. It’s like taking your to do list, grabbing the item that says, “Stop by Mom’s house,” then divide that into the eight different projects you need to do to help Mom around the house. You can easily manipulate your lists, so realizing a particular item needs to be subdivided doesn’t have to happen at the time you initiate the item.

The real beauty of ToDoList is the freeware nature (donations never turned away, of course) and the ability to reach out to the developer and say, “Dude, this bug isn’t working out.” Even better than bug reporting, they welcome you to just drop them a line and say, “It’d be awesome if ToDoList could do this.”

To check out that latest version of ToDoList or to see all of the titles that released updates today, go to FileHippo by clicking HERE.