As easy, inexpensive computer-based communication tools get more and more accessible, the features they have to offer are on the rise. One company, Camfrog, has developed a platform that lets you video chat, audio chat, text, and participate in chat room-style conversations with thousands of people…simultaneously.


This free tool lets you build a contact list and communicate with those people, as well as join its long list of ongoing video chats. Not having a built-in camera isn’t a problem since users can still participate in these video chats by just using the written message box.


It does have its limitations–such as having to build that contact list before you can use it, instead of importing your contacts from outside files like Facebook or email–but for the money, it’s a really great tool. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Apple’s iChat, which is fine for those who are familiar with the platform but won’t take to much getting used to if you’re new to it.

Camfrog has uses for both personal and social use, as well as workplace video conferencing, long-distance communication, international chatting, and more. Users who initiate a video chat room have the option of making it public in order to connect with new users, or to keep it private for personal or business reasons. Best of all, there’s a variety of parental controls that you can enable, but as always when it come to kids and social media, parents must be aware of what they’re doing and who they’re talking to.

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