For every parent who claims to celebrate when the bus doors shut, carrying their kids off to another school year, there are more parents who dread the start of another school year. Besides the back to school shopping and the mad rush to purchase supplies, it means another year of early wake ups, finding lost shoes each morning, and getting everyone where they need to be in a timely fashion.



One of the real headaches of trying to keep a family with school-aged kids sane is coordinating all of the schedules and to-do lists. Fortunately, a new update to an old productivity tool means it’s easier than ever for a busy family to stay connected and get where they need to be.

Wunderlist, a long-time to-do list app favorite, not only keeps a single user connected across his phone, tablet, and PC, but can also help a team collaborate across all of their connected devices, too. Designed at first for workplace and industrial collaboration–such as a product team all coordinating on the same project–Wunderlist is a great way for families to keep their schedules, to-do lists, and even shopping lists (“Hey Mom, I forgot to tell you I have to bring posterboard to school this morning!”) on track and accessible.

With the number of schools that are taking on Bring Your Own Device initiatives, there’s no reason students even in the primary grades can’t take advantage of the help that Wunderlist offers. With a Wunderlist account–either free, or Wunderlist Pro for only $4.99 a month–families can manage group folders for pictures and files, create shareable lists, set up notifications and reminders on a schedule (ie, soccer practice at 5pm), and even print documents, such as a student sending a file to Mom through Wunderlist for her to print at home.

Even better, by developing the organization habit while students are young and parents are still the collaborators on their account, you’re fostering a sense of organization that can benefit them both academically and in future careers. All of this takes place within Wunderlist’s easy to use interface, without feeling like that weird family that sits down with their three-ring planners.

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