When Microsoft announced it would no longer be supporting Windows Media Center in its new operating system, the public outcry was pretty loud. Longtime users who’d come to rely on the multimedia platform to fill a variety of needs were left wondering how they’d continue utilizing content.

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With so many shifts in multimedia support for different operating systems, it’s good to know that other software companies have developed titles that will meet users’ needs while still maintaining some level of compatibility with their preferred networks and operating systems. Two new releases have been launched that help users nab their content online and store, enhance, and save it.

The first is BitComet, an open-source BitTorrent client that has a fast interface that supports multiple simultaneous downloads. You can download any type of multimedia file and store it for later use. While it’s not ultra-intuitive for those not already familiar with the concept, it can be a great tool for those with the right know-how.

Once you’ve gotten the files you need, Ashampoo is a great fill-in tool for playing, trimming, enhancing, storing, and burning files to any drive you need. While it’s a great way to make backups of anything–from your pictures and music to your entire hard drive–it also has the ability to let you store saved copies of your movies from disc and even convert them into Blu Ray-compatible stored discs. You even have the added option of creating your own CD or DVD covers so you can catalog what you’ve put on them for easy finding.

To check out these updates and all of the other new releases that launched today, go to FileHippo by clicking HERE.