Windows 10 is to begin rolling out for Windows phones this December.

Microsoft’s Lumia division announced the release date, late Tuesday evening on the Lumia Facebook page…of all places.

For those who can’t wait, Windows 10 for mobile will be available on Microsoft’s newest Lumia flagship 950 and Lumia 950 XL at the beginning of November.

Windows 10 For Windows Phones Will Rollout December

Free Upgrades

Just like Windows 10 was free to any user of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 who chose to avail of the free upgrade to Windows 10 earlier this year, Windows 10 for mobile will also be available for free to all users of Lumia phones that meet the technical requirements

There has been a lot of speculation in recent months as to just what Windows smartphones will be able to make the transition to Microsoft’s highly anticipated new operating system for their range of mobile phones. Some older Lumia’s such as the Nokia Lumia 520 and 530 could be out of luck however due to a lack of internal memory. It is unknown whether Windows 10 will be able to install on phones that have a large enough capacity on external storage cards but are of an older type.

Most rumours surrounding Windows 10 for mobile have now been put to bed permanently as result of the announcement from the Lumia team. Microsoft state that the majority of their smartphones currently running Windows 8.1 and that have at least 8 GB of internal storage will be able to make the transition to Windows 10 for mobile.

New Features Will Not Work Across All Phones That Qualify For Upgrade

While Windows 10 is expected to work even more seamlessly with their Lumia range of smartphones than it did when Windows 10 was released for laptop and desktop computers earlier this year, not every feature will work on every phone.

Microsoft have come a long way since launching their original own version mobile phones. Windows 10 for mobile will come with free OneDrive storage, Cortana, and of course the free mobile version of Microsoft Office.

While most of these features are already available on any mobile using Windows 8.1, a lot of work has apparently gone into developing Office so it is easier and more productive to use on Windows 1o for mobile.

Time will tell.