The official Canadian website for ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’ has stopped working.

Speculation across the internet seems to point to the sheer number of people from the USA investigating the idea of moving to their northern neighbour’s country.


Data from Google seems to indicate that searches for ‘move to Canada’ increased as Donald Trump, who has declared bankruptcy 6 times so he needn’t pay contractors, became more and more likely as Wednesday’s Presidential election results rolled in through the night.

Canada’s immigration website normally offers prospective would-be immigrants advice on how to apply to love there. But for several hours on Wednesday night and through into Thursday morning, most people trying to access the site were unable to see it, instead only finding a loading page that never loaded.

Officials for the Canadian immigration ministry could not immediately be reached for comment, said the Guardian, which was hardly surprising given the fact that the outage occurred during the night, but the website’s problems were noted by hundreds on social-media, most notably on Twitter.

While of course, there is no concrete evidence or guarantee that Trump’s victory and a surge of Americans trying to leave the country are related, it’s not a huge leap to conjoin the two events, and previous precedents have been set in similar circumstances.

Searches for “how can I move to Canada” spiked 350%  when Trump became the Republican candidate back in March, as Trump swept Super Tuesday on Marc

The same thing happened when George W. Bush won his second term in 2004, though actual evidence of anyone actually moving is hard to find.

Now that man who previously said that he liked to grab woman by the ‘p****’ had been declared President-Elect, vocal celebrity opponents of the man who inherited most of his wealth, including Bryan Cranston, Amy Schumer, and Cher, who had previously declared their intention to leave the USA if Trump won, will follow with their plans.

The rush to leave the USA mirrors a similar surge in the wake of the UK Brexit vote, when Ireland’s immigration website suffered similar spikes in web traffic, and local offices ran out of paper forms for Irish citizenship in just a few days.

There was no reported surge in people looking to immigrate to Mexico despite the fact Trump has declared he will build a big wall there.