When LastPass launched in 2008, it had a specific security goal in mind: to help tech users come up with strong, unique passwords that no hacker could ever guess. The concept is actually simple. You create an account, sync it to all your online accounts, and you’re only charged with remembering one really strong password…and no, “password1” isn’t going to cut it. That one strong password lets you into your LastPass account, and the platform does the rest, generating impenetrable, multi-character combinations for every account you sync.


This week, LastPass announced a huge new development for the already widely used platform, and that’s the free access to your account from any device you own. Best of all, existing users don’t have to do anything other than download LastPass to that other device and log in.

“It was a different world when we launched LastPass back in 2008,” company founder, VP and GM Joe Siegrist stated on their website. “The iPhone had just arrived in 2007, without an App Store, and Android didn’t exist yet. Now, nearly every aspect of our lives, both at home and in the workplace, is connected to the cloud and available across many devices. There is no ‘online’ life and ‘offline’ life – it’s just life, with technology seamlessly weaving in and out of our everyday experiences. In today’s connected world, we believe the best way to benefit from the security and convenience of LastPass is to have it on all your devices. And because security is so fundamental, we want to offer a frictionless experience that makes it easy to connect safely and use strong passwords everywhere.”

The platform still offers two models–free and premium–that come with different features. The free account offers the typical limits on the number of users on the account but still offers the password autofill and password generator, while the premium account includes all of the free features along with other important things like family sharing, tech support, desktop fingerprint login, and even 1GB of encrypted file storage.

To try LastPass for yourself, download it here and see what it can do for your account security.