Mails Designer Pro 3.1 Update takes maximum advantage of new Gmail features!

Mail Designer Pro has become synonymous in recent times as one of the most feature packed and easiest email design software packages to master by just about anyone who knows how to use a mouse and keyboard.

mail designer pro

Perhaps the best thing about Mail Designer Pro is the fact that despite being HTML based, you don’t need any HTML skills to make it work exactly the way you want it to. All you literally need is some imagination, and a little creativity.

The fact that Mail Designer Pro comes with over 70, ready-to-send free responsive newsletter templates, is literally just a bonus feature when you look at everything else that comes with it.


Designing email newsletters that look great on both mobile devices and desktop computers hasn’t always been this easy to do though.

Traditional web-based email marketing tools tend to only offer a limited amount of creative flexibility. One of Mail Designer Pro’s strongest features is the ability to optimise HTML emails via drag-and-drop, and in 3.1 this ability has been made even easier and simpler to do than ever before.

The new Mail Designer Pro 3.1 update also takes full advantage of Gmail’s new full support for mobile optimized emails.

And why would they not! Gmail is of course one of the most popular providers of email in the world, and virtually the default email app on every Android phone.


Up until very recently however, Gmail only supported a kind of ‘optimised’ newsletter view of emails, where it would just automatically reformat the desktop version of an email and reformat it for mobile devices, often with mixed results.

But now the new Mail Designer Pro 3.1 update takes full advantage of Gmail’s new features and optimizes your email designs so that all those millions of mobile Gmail users can see your layout exactly the way you want it displayed.

Saving Time

Mail Designer Pro 3.1 has also added in a host of time saving features that will really help maximise efficiency and producitivity, including a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts, including my personal favorite Space + Enter to add a simple line break instead of starting a new paragraph.



The new Mail Designer Pro update has also focussed more on making its layouts and designs work even better with some other existing platforms, such as Outlook and MailChimp, including some performance tweaks, and also notifications for test emails.

Final Words

Overall, the new update for Mail Designer Pro 3 makes what was already a great email design product that is powerful, yet simple and easy to use, even better. The new features aren’t ‘froth,’ or simple visual tweaks, there’s been some real hard work done under the hood, and it shows. The new Gmail optimisation is also very welcome, but for me this is simply ‘icing on the cake,’ of what is already a very worthwhile and brilliant piece of software.

You can also try it for free, here.