Mozilla has announced the launch of Firefox Focus – promising free, fast and easy to use private browsing for iOS devices.

Firefox Focus is for the times when you don’t want to leave a record on your phone… You know, for information that in certain situations is sensitive, such as ‘searches for engagement rings, flights to Las Vegas or expensive cigars, for example’, Mozilla generously suggest.

Firefox Focus the new free iOS private browser from Mozilla

Firefox Focus – the new free iOS private browser from Mozilla

Whatever the reason for covering your tracks, there’s the added bonus of promised improvements to speed and simplicity, with no tabs, no menus and no pop-ups.

Firefox Focus’ default setting is to block many of the trackers that follow you around the Web. Users don’t need to change privacy or cookie settings and can instantly erase their sessions with a single tap.

Because the new private browser blocks these trackers, Mozilla say it’s likely users will notice a performance boost on the many sites that track your behaviour. And when you occasionally see a site that doesn’t work because it is dependent on tracking (if you don’t mind that kind of tracking), the new private browser makes it easy to open your current site in either Firefox or Safari.

Finally, Firefox Focus continues to operate as a Safari content blocker on iOS, meaning users will be able to take advantage of Tracking Protection on both Safari and Firefox Focus.

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