There’s little doubt that 3D printing technology is innovative and amazing…and just plain cool…but there’s also very little doubt that we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to the applications for the technology. With full-fledged printing labs that are generating artificial limbs all the way down to local public libraries who are installing the machines in their subscription-use maker spaces, there’s a lot of difference in the hardware and in the way people use it.

3d printing software

But a new report on the market forecast for 3D printing actually takes things in a new direction. The prediction for the technology and the market as a whole is that software is the going to be the next big moneymaker and game changer.

According to a press release on the study by ReportBuyer, “Among the latest identified trends at work in the 3D printing software market analyzed in this report include:

  • The continued integration of 3D printing specific feature sets directly in CAD software platforms in order to bring more direct ‘design-to-print’ functionality
  • Overlapping of feature sets in various 3D printer OEM software packages in efforts to create seamless workflow in one user interface by bringing elements of print preparation, build processing, and production management features into one software tool
  • New startups and efforts to develop software tool specific to the challenge of metal additive manufacturing including software for predictive modelling for stress in parts, post processing considerations, and more
  • The effect of distributed print environments featuring diverse print technologies and being brought on by increased access to printers through low cost hardware
  • Considerations for developing application-specific 3D printing software tools to unlock the potential for 3D printing for manufacturing” (via PRNewswire)

The full report–for those interested in the tech possibilities and the investment opportunities it could mean–can be downloaded from ReportBuyer by clicking here.