Today’s wide variety of online options means more and more consumers are ditching their monthly cable television providers and turning to the opportunities that various subscription-based streaming services can provide. But while Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other similar platforms are running a steady business based on the content they’re able to license, there are even more options for savvy tech users to choose from.


One of the chief limitations of the major streaming services – apart from the drain on your internet provider’s data package – is the content they can offer. You might be lucky to pick up a BBC show or two, but as for foreign channels, there just aren’t that many options. That’s where ChillGlobal’s browser extension for Firefox and now for Chrome kicks in, offering users an unbeatable package of channels for rates starting at free.

With more than 500 international channels to choose from for the base package of 20 free hours of viewing per month, ChillGlobal is a seamlessly integrated extension tool that lets you take advantage of content programming that would otherwise be out of reach. Even better, the extension works by serving as a border-crossing VPN, so users get the peace of mind of knowing that their online activity is walled off from prying eyes. ChillGlobal lets you access your existing paid streaming accounts no matter where you are, meaning it works seamlessly with Netflix and many other sites regardless of geography.

“We are very proud to announce the launch of our new ChillGlobal Chrome extension”, a company spokesman shared. “Now you can also watch TV, sports and (Christmas!) movies from home, regardless of your location, using your Google Chrome browser – and entirely protected of course. There’s no better gift than online privacy!”

There’s no better time to use a VPN for your internet activity, given the current climate of government-sanctioned monitoring and hacking. But with the additional option to enjoy international programming, a browser plug-in like this just makes sense in terms of entertainment.

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