Here Are Some Viewing Stats The New President Won’t Have To Defend.

While Donald J Trump’s public ascendancy to President of the United States of America may – or may not – have gathered quite as many people as Barack Obama’s inauguration, it did manage to break records when it came to the number of people who watched it online via Live Streaming.

Trump Inauguration Breaks Live Streaming Records

Actual factual statistics showed Trump’s inauguration was the most watched news event streamed online to date

According to figures released by content provider Akami Technologies, a record 8.7Tbps of live video was streamed at its peak. The previous record of 7.5Tbps was only set during US election day coverage on 8 November 2016. In real terms this resulted in there being 4.6 million online concurrent viewers.

In the US itself, 31 million people watched Donald J Trump become president on television, compared with the 38 million who watched Barack Obama becoming president in 2009. Video traffic of Mr Obama’s inauguration reached a peak of just 1.1Tbps the same year.

It is however difficult to compare the two separate events as live streaming as an actual ‘thing’ is still in its infancy as a medium. Netflix only began trialling its online streaming service in 2008 and its business was still mainly based in DVD rentals, and in 2006 only 50% of US households has access to high speed broadband. There were also far less people capable of watching streaming events as smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. Total global sales of smartphones in 2008 were only 139.29 million, whereas in 2015 that figure was 1,423.9 million.

That said, the record is significant. Compared with events such as Euro 2016, that peaked at 7.3Tbps and the Rio Olympic women’s gymnastics team peaking at 4.5Tbps, there is no denying that it is a milestone for Live Streaming as a viable medium.

Twitter also said that live video streaming of Mr Trump’s ceremony had also broken its own record, with almost seven million people watching on the social network.

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