Reason Core Security is a Windows-based antivirus that protects and removes malware, adware and much more.

Hacking, data breaches, and zero day flaws keep making headlines every day, and new forms of cyberattack are a constant threat to government agencies, businesses, and individual users alike. With the current debate about the usefulness of antivirus software – coupled with the psychological phenomenon that installing antivirus software can actually lead to less secure internet behavior – users have to be very careful about the choices they make to protect their networks.

Reason Core Security review

Reason Core Security blocks unwanted installation of bundled programs whenever you install or update software

The latest Reason Core Security release protects and removes malware, adware, search high-jacks, and other potentially harmful or unwanted software. Best of all, it works hand in hand with other AV products to offer a comprehensive security solution, as some antivirus software isn’t designed to block these other threats.

One of the best features of Reason Core Security – literally, this is reason enough to download it right now, especially if you’re constantly cleaning out your mom’s computer! – is the bundle protection. It blocks the unwanted installation of bundled programs whenever you’re installing or updating software, meaning no more add-ons and sudden new toolbars. At the same time, it doesn’t only respond to threats when you take an action or initiate a scan; it runs quietly in the background without slowing down your computer.

Reason Core offers malware, adware, bundled program protection and browser protection

Standard Protection plan is free and offers malware, adware, bundled program protection and browser protection.

Like many smart tech tools, Reason Core Security offers two different plans to meet individual users’ needs. The Standard Protection plan is free and offers malware, adware, and bundled program protection, as well as a new feature, browser protection, which keeps you free from adware extensions that are tacked onto your browser. For an annual fee of $24.95 to upgrade to the Complete Protection version, users get those features as well as automated scanning and removal. Both versions come with a 30-day free trial of the Complete Protection, but if you don’t want to sign on for the annual fee, it simply reverts to Standard Protection.

Key features of both products include:

Key Features include:

  • Protection against malware and trojans.
  • Protection against adware and PUPs.
  • Keeping your browser safe.
  • Stopping offers from being bundled.
  • Detecting, blocking and removing malware in real-time.
  • Keeping your PC automatically threat-free!

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