Full support for sixth generation handset ends. 

Bad news for holdouts who don’t want to upgrade to the newest models of iPhone: Apple is discontinuing support for the iPhone 5 family of devices with the newest update to its mobile operating system. The announcements comes on the heels of the iOS 11 reveal that will update its devices with new features and protections.

To be clear, the updated operating system will still load onto 5 models (first launched in 2012), but a number of apps won’t offer the needed support for the new system. Installing the update could cause some of the user’s favorite apps to no longer function. These are primarily expected to be some educational and children’s apps, as younger users may not be as well versed as an older iPhone; apps for young kids will tend to focus on newer phone models, at least if they were originally 32-bit powered.

Full support for sixth generation Apple iPhone 5 handset ends with launch of With iOS 11 Update

First of the iPhone 5 models were launched in 2012.

Warning signs

While this notion may be sneaking up on some users, the truth is Apple has been putting out this warning for some time. The details and the date may have been unclear, but the transition away from all things 32-bit wasn’t a secret. In fact, specific apps that were running 32-bit even popped up a warning message as of last fall when users tried to open them, informing them of the upcoming changes. The iPhone 5 holdouts are more likely to be consumers who refuse to be pressured into buying the latest gadgets, or users who simply don’t get involved in tech news to the point that they feel the need to upgrade when their trusty phones are still getting the job done.

Good news

The good news for the devotees is that their phones will obviously still function, it’s merely some apps (again, many of them for younger users) that won’t work. The even better news is that details have leaked already about the iPhone 8, meaning the currently unsold 6 and 7 models will be available for significant discounts should a 5 user want to avoid the potential loss of app functionality.