… And A $1K+ Pricetag!

Tech innovation is a strange arena. On the one hand, new products and concepts are being leaked online every day. At the same tine, it can feel like manufacturers are in a race to see who can put out nearly identical products in an effort to sway customers to come over to their brand. So when a company announces something truly uniqu – and manages to pull it off without the usual internet leaks – it’s instantly intriguing.


Surprise announcement

RED, better know for hi-end professional cameras than handheld devices, has announced a new phone that somehow managed to fly under the radar throughout the R&D process. That in itself is a newsworthy feat considering everything we already know about the next gen iPhone, a device that doesn’t even have a solid launch date yet (or a name, for that matter).

No silly goggle required

The flurry of buzz surrounding RED’s emergence into the smartphone race with two material versions of the same model focuses on its holographic display, one that does not require additional accessories or eye wear to use. Hydrogen One, as the model is called, can also switch seamlessly to a two-dimsensional view for those times when you just don’t need the enhanced view or when you’re trying to conserve a little battery life.

Awesome sound, too?

Visuals aren’t the only avenue where RED went a little nuts. There are reports that new algorithms produce a superior stereo-quality sound from its speaker, not that we’d expect anything less from a company whose roots are in cinema tech. Despite the innovations in multi-media, the whole thing is powered off an Android operating system.

$1.5k to you, sir

Now the kicker: Hydrogen One is available for pre-order for the low, low price of $1,195 for the aluminum case model and $1,595 for the titanium case model. The devices will ship next year, and RED has already made it clear they will not be able to guarantee the shipping date, the production volume, or the price if you don’t act now. It’s a heck of a risk to take on a phone that isn’t rolling off the assembly line yet… and not quite the bargain of a new iPhone plus a couple older model spares.