Forget the McGregor fight – Cryptocurrency is where the money’s at.

There have undoubtedly been some strange celebrity endorsements over the years, reinforcing the stereotype that famous people are often reduced to just another well-known face with some dollar signs attached. Basketball star Shaquille O’Neal currently peddles bargain basement auto insurance on daytime television, Ozzy Osbourne has appeared in commercials for diet substitute I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and in perhaps the most ironic pairing of all time, well-known chef Rachel Ray appeared in commercials for prefab iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather is backing Hubii’s ICO, or initial coin offering

Show me the money…

Hubii ICO

But those pale in comparison to the unlikely partnership between boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and not one but two ICO sales. Previously endorsing Stox, the boxer has now posted Instagram items – admittedly with the hashtag #ad – for Hubii’s ICO, or initial coin offering.

Content aggregator

Norwegian company Hubii is a content aggregator that supplies news based on regions and preferences to its reported 50 million users. Now, it’s looking to expand into a network that allows content creators to be paid in Hubiits, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that can be used in a variety of ways.


One interesting Hubii characteristic is the transparency the company is attaching to both the marketplace restructuring and the process itself. There have been vocal calls for cryptocurrency to stop being anonymous and start being wholly transparent to the public, meaning the functionality would essentially flip. At the same time, ICO sales such as this one provide the possibility of an investment return for those who wish to attempt a quick turnaround while also not relinquishing any control over the company to the investors (as opposed to buying and selling shares in a company). Hubii’s ICO is now open, pending its first cap.