Republican Senator+porn tweet ‘like’=internet gold.

Social Conservative Senator and former Republican US Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, found himself trending during the middle of the night, Monday, and found himself facing major backlash after his Twitter account ‘liked’ an online pornography video.

The Texas senator’s verified account, which has more than 3 million followers ‘liked’ a tweet from the account @SexuallPosts which spends most of its time posting links and content of hardcore porn.

Senator Ted Cruz faces backlash after his Twitter account 'likes' pornography video

Ted Cruz’s Official Twitter feed, before it disliked the video. It is unclear whether Cruz, or someone else on his team liked the video originally.

Wild reaction

Liking the explicit video on Twitter caused the two-minute porn clip to appear in his feed. The “like” was later removed from the senator’s account an hour after it was posted by Cruz’s senior communications adviser Catherine Frazier, just not before the internet went wild for it.

Senator Ted Cruz in firing line after Twitter gaff

This is just one of many…

The married Texas senator and evangelical Christian, once attempted to ban sex toys. The embarrassing ‘like’ is, like, particularly awkward for Cruz, as he has long promoted himself as a crusader of conservative family values.

In 2007, he was involved in a court case in Texas about banning the use of sex toys. The Supreme Court later ruled that using sex toys was nobody’s business but their users.

Wasn’t me, honest

Of course, it being Cruz’s official Twitter feed, it’s unclear if Cruz was responsible for liking the video himself or if it was the handiwork work of an aide aiding themselves while working late when they were supposed to be managing his social media. According to some reports, the porn video was liked by someone using an iPhone.

Cruz quickly became a trending topic and the ‘like’ became the subject of meme’s and jokes across the web. 

Cruz’s communications director didn’t help matters when her initial response was to say that the offensive tweet “posted on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter”. Of course, it wasn’t a tweet, but a like.

During last year’s ultimately unsuccessful Presidential run, Cruz’s campaign also retracted an advert attacking his at the time running rival, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, when his campaign were informed that the team had hired softcore porn actor Amy Lindsay.