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Microsoft Gives Windows 8 Keys to Pirates by Accident
All those looking for a free key to run Windows 8 Pro can abandon their searches on torrents and other resources. Microsoft itself has made the free keys available to the customers through its own website. What you need to do is visit Microsoft’s website and download your own... Read more
NYC Museum Of Modern Art To Feature Video Game Collection
Do you consider Pac-Man to be a modern work of art? Or perhaps Myst is more your idea of an artists’ touch. In any case the New York City Museum of Modern Art plans to show off those games and other as part of a new public exhibit. The... Read more
Amazon Maps API: Should Google Maps be Worried?
Amazon just announced that their Maps API has been taken out of the beta testing phase and is now open to all developers. They are competing in what has become a hot market for technology today. A short time ago, Google Maps was all you had to choose from,... Read more
Have You Tried Out Mozilla’s Firefox OS?
When it comes to mobile operating systems, it’s usually Android and iOS that come up. They have their fanboys and fangirls who will argue to death about their merits, to be sure, but maybe it’s time to add more players in the game. Players that just might give those... Read more
3D Printing Coming to Staples
Called Staples Easy 3D, this latest feature of the company is only available right now if you live in Europe, but it promises to be big. It will be launched in 2013 for Belgium and Netherlands customers, but the rest of the world will be waiting for their turn. Customers... Read more
Smartphone Holiday Gift Guide
It’s the last day of November, and time’s flying by so quickly. Before we know it, Christmas morning will be here! Have you got your Christmas shopping all done, or have you at least started? If you are looking to give a smartphone to a loved one for the holidays,... Read more
iTunes 11: Faster and Better than Ever
The latest edition of iTunes, iTunes 11, has finally arrived.  The amazing thing is that it is nothing like the previous edition; it runs much faster and cleaner with drop-down menus.   When you are searching for music, you have the entire screen at your disposal instead of having... Read more
The Virtual Tape Measure for Online Shopaholics
Shopaholics come in all shapes and sizes – add to that gender, too. When the need to shop grabs you, it does not matter how old you are, whether you’re male or female, or if you’re broke or not. You just have got to satisfy that urge, haven’t you?... Read more
How You Can Tell a Fake User Review from the Real Thing
Many people do online research before they purchase a product regardless of whether they buy online or in person.  They will look at expert reviews, but user reviews often carry as much weight or more. Businesses know this and they will hire people to write a review on a product... Read more
This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos
In this week of Thanksgiving, the Top 5 trending videos predictably have one about the holiday. This week’s list is as diverse as any, with interrupted live TV broadcasts, a new chapter from the Teens React series and something related to turkeys! Here is the rundown of this week’s... Read more
iPhone 5 Finally Coming To China
The Apple iPhone 5 has cleared government approval and is expected to make its December release in Greater China. The company was eagerly awaiting “network access” licensing before it could begin to legally sell its newest smartphone in the region. Following the announcement of its regulatory approval Apple announced... Read more
Best Cameras to Give as Gifts
Year after year cameras remain a popular item on people’s wish lists. With the numerous new models available, it can be hard for someone to know which one to get their budding photographer or the amateur who wants to take it to the next level. Here is a guide... Read more
Is $249 the Right Price for the New Samsung Chromebook?
The new Samsung Chromebook is at a lower price point than previous versions and is affordable for many budgets.  Since it focuses on web applications rather than programs that are stored locally, it can be more portable.  The fact that it allows you to do more offline than previous... Read more
Google Promotes Arabic Content Online
The Arab culture is rich and diverse, and the Arab language is one of the most widely spoken in the world. In fact, counting the number of native speakers, Arabic holds the number five spot. Recognizing this, Google has launched an initiative that promotes Arabic content online. You and... Read more
UK Student Avoids Extradition By Paying Copyright Infringement
UK student, Richard O’Dwyer will avoid extradition to the US by agreeing to pay compensation for the copyright infringement from his website TV-Shack. He will visit the United States in December to ratify the agreement.   The US Takes Piracy Seriously O’Dwyer was charged by the US Immigration and... Read more
Best TED Talks

Best TED Talks

Internet November 29, 2012

Next month, I am going to attend my first ever live TEDx event. Sure, it is not the “original” brand, TED, but it is still something to look forward to. Ever since TED launched in 1984, the non-profit has grown massively. With its tagline “Ideas Worth Spreading”, it has immensely... Read more
Amazon Kindle is The Biggest Deal Ever
Amazon announced in a press release that it more than doubled its sales of the Kindle from last year. This includes all of the devices sold under the Kindle name. The record was not only for the Kindle itself, but the site said that it was the biggest Cyber Monday deal... Read more
Best Android Web Browsers
One of the things going for devices running on Android is that users can customize to their heart’s content. The platform is much more open than its rival, iOS, and this makes a huge difference for people who want to be able to tweak their devices to suit their... Read more