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Will the X Phone Help Google Motorola Compete?
Google recently acquired Motorola and the two companies are collaborating on a phone with the codename the “X Phone.” Google bought the company back in May to help it compete against Samsung and Apple. Motorola will use Viewdle to enhance the X phone, which is an imaging and gesture-recognition... Read more
How Microsoft Can Give Windows 8 a Boost In 2013
Microsoft had taken a big gamble on Windows 8. The new operating system would have been successful regardless but the company took it to the next level with the hype and promotion. It showed that the company was banking on the success of Windows 8 to take it into... Read more
More Texting This New Year’s Eve
Since most people keep their smartphones with them the majority of the time, you can expect them to be busy on New Year’s Eve. Users will be texting more than talking according to a survey done by advertising firm Mojiva. More Texting, Less Talking They surveyed people in both... Read more
Lycos Is Making a Comeback in 2013
Back in the early 1990s, Lycos was the household name. Those of who were nerdy fortunate enough to have an online life back then would remember that name. Whether with fondness or an emotion akin to “good riddance”, I am not entirely sure. Yet the story of Lycos does... Read more
Adobe Acquires Behance to Build it’s Community
Adobe recently announces that it had acquired Behance, which is an online platform for people to display their creative work.  This will add to Adobe’s current Creative Cloud platform and allow users to publish their portfolio. Creative Cloud allows users to access desktop software along with online tools and... Read more
Apple Bluetooth Smart Watch Under Consideration [Rumor]
While much of the focus towards Apple lately has been geared towards its rumored Apple TV, the company may first roll out an Apple Bluetooth Smart Watch. A new rumor from Chinese gadget news site Tech.163 suggests that the watch is already being designed and that Intel is working alongside Apple... Read more
Where is Apple Headed in 2013?
That is always the question when you get close to the end of a year.  You begin to wonder where the big technology companies are going to focus their energies and their money.  With the increase in competition from Google and Microsoft, many people are watching Apple even more... Read more
The Cookoo Analog Smart Watch Is A Perfect Late Gift
Smart watches have always been a popular concept, and there has been no lack of brilliant minds working on bringing the perfect smart watch to the general public. While the iPod Nano mayfunction as a watch, I have never been able to force myself to actually use it as... Read more
The Best Apps for Your New Year’s Resolutions
If you are one of the many people who make resolutions each January 1st, you might be happy to know that there are numerous apps to help you keep them. Here is a look at some great apps that work with the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Finances If... Read more
Yerdle Helps You Find Free Stuff Online
Everyone loves receiving free things, even if, in general, we are aware of the adage “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. There are ways to find and receive free things, though, and maybe that adage just applies to the whole span of our lives, with things... Read more
Google Voice Continues Free Calling Option
Google has announced that it will continue the ability for users to make free phone calls with the Google Voice.  It also has cheap rates for international calls that begin with two cents. Google Voice was launched back in 2009 as an option for VoIP and users can either... Read more
Samsung Galaxy Note To Receive Jelly Bean 4.1
Samsung Galaxy Note users will soon have access to the Google Android Jelly Bean 4.1 upgrade. A rumor for the update to the first Note Phablet was first mentioned in August but then laid dormant until today. The new upgrade arrives just as Samsung begins to launch its new... Read more
mPrinter: A Tiny Printer for the Smartphone
While there are various ways to print from your smartphone, the mPrinter offers a convenient new choice. The mPrinter features a simple design with practical use as the core of its function.  It can be used with either Javascript or WYSIWYG text editor to print small bits of information. ... Read more
Microsoft Wants You to Try Outlook.Com
These days it seems as though all news about Microsoft involves Google in one way or another. Over the past few weeks, Microsoft and Google have been engaged in a lawsuit, a mudslinging contest on Twitter and a probable war in the search market. The latest in the developments... Read more
Kodak Finally Finds a Buyer for Patents
Eastman Kodak will get $525 million for its patents to help it emerge from bankruptcy.  The Rochester, NY company has been trying to find a buyer for some time as part of its deal for new financing.   Kodak has struggled in recent years since the adaption of digital... Read more
Pretty Penny: Online Couponing For Young Women
Couponing has always been a popular activity, and when the economy takes a downturn, it becomes even more so. With the advent of online couponing, more people have discovered this brilliant way to save money, even leading the way to what has been called “extreme couponing”. And just when... Read more
Mobile App Marketing Prices Increasing
Acquiring a new customer for a mobile application is not cheap and in the month of October that cost rose by nearly 30 percent. According to a study by Boston-based firm Fisku, the cost of obtaining a new “loyal” customer rose from $1.06 to $1.38. As the ultra competitive... Read more
Gaming Sales Sink As Newly Released Wii U Fails To Impress
Last weeks gaming sales numbers have revealed what could be troubling times ahead for Nintendo in the Japanese console market. The company’s new Wii U gaming system has only been on the market for several months but racked up an undersold 122,000 units, down from 133,000 devices sold the... Read more