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Driverless Cars Have a Confusing & Unsettled Liability Issue
Google has been developing its autonomous (driverless) car for years. While its vehicle’s only accidents have been at the hands of drivers using the cars in manual mode, those accidents have outlined a major issue — who is at fault when an accident does occur in auto-drive mode? The... Read more
Big Changes For BlackBerry
As well as launching a fully re-designed operating platform and two new smartphones, BlackBerry has announced an American superstar as its creative director and has officially changed its company name. Events were held across six cities yesterday to celebrate the new BlackBerry 10 platform and the first two BlackBerry... Read more
New Startups Worth Noting for 2013
How many companies started out with a crazy or unusual idea that most people thought wouldn’t work and then became major success stories? One that easily comes to mind is Facebook. And then there’s Twitter. Or how about a little search engine named Google?  While those have become mega... Read more
Meet Yolo, Intel’s First Smartphone For Africa
Smartphones of all shapes, sizes, and price tags can be found left and right. In most places, the chances are that you will find a device that will suit your budget and preferences. Different countries offer unique markets, of course, and mobile phone manufacturers are taking this into serious... Read more
New HP Chromebook Leaked on HP’s Site
A recent ad was leaked onto, and then retrieved from, HP’s website. The PDF told of HP joining in on the Chromebook market. This info came out just one week after Lenovo announced that it would be offering its own version designed for use by students and teachers. Benefits... Read more
Samsung Reveals New Durable Device
Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Xcover 2 – its latest durable mobile device with smartphone capabilities. Hot on the heels of Sony’s new flagship water-resistant ‘super-phone’, the Xperia Z, Samsung’s latest model is also designed to endure the most rugged outdoor conditions and protect against the elements. Like the... Read more
Could Blackberry 10 Be the Comeback Kid?
Could Reseach In Motion become a relevant company once again? As it has been heading downward something has begun to happen and it’s all due to the buzz surrounding the new Blackberry 10. Out of Touch RIM has appeared to be out of touch with consumers for some time... Read more
Red October Platform Discovered & Unplugged
The Red October Espionage Platform was the biggest spyware threat encountered in the last few months; however, reports about the threat appeared just a week ago. On January 16th, Kaspersky Lab (a Russian cyber security company) discovered a major malware that was targeting government facilities, diplomatic consulates, intelligence agencies,... Read more
Does The Phone Unlocking Ban Mean Higher Tariffs?
With the news of Phone Unlocking being made illegal in the US earlier this week, we look at the potential impact on consumers. Many people enjoy the freedom provided by an unlocked phone. Perhaps you want to be able to switch carriers and not be tied down to one... Read more
Faster Image Search for Google Users
Google is completely revamping their image.  Their image search, that is.  If you’ve ever used this popular searching tool, then you know that works by quickly yielding results to an inquiry in the form of multiple thumbnail images. In the current Google image search format, the images are all... Read more
WhatsApp Violates International Law
Two international government agencies which investigated a popular smartphone app for violating privacy laws, say the matter is still only partly resolved. Cross-platform instant messaging application WhatsApp, recently came under fire by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Both parties formed... Read more
Is Twitter Becoming Too Complicated?
Some time last year, I discovered a simple infographic detailing the stages of getting Twitter. It is rather funny, some may say in a deprecatory kind of way, but if you think about it, the stages are rather accurate. They are as follows: complete inability to understand Twitter, trying... Read more
A Look at Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Konami, the world’s 5th largest gaming company by revenue, will be releasing the long awaited Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Initially the concept of the game was introduced at E3 in 2009 as Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The game then underwent a lengthy development stage at Kojima Productions. After struggling... Read more
Strong Earnings For Microsoft’s Windows Division
Microsoft’s Windows division helped the software giant reach record revenue in its 2013 second-quarter, but year-on-year profit have fallen. The US multinational corporation earned a net profit of $6.4 billion, or 76 cents per share, during its fiscal second quarter – down from $6.6 billion, or 78 cents per... Read more
Will Common Crawl Be the Next Google?
Google is known for having a vast collection of online information.  When you want to know the answer to a question, or if you want to find out more information about virtually anything, you Google it.  As a company, Google has amassed a vast collection of indexed, online content. ... Read more
Kim Dotcom and Megaupload Put Blame on the Government
Kim Dotcom has become the latest internet celebrity. Founder of the file sharing website Megaupload, Dotcom has been under surveillance and facing investigations for a while now. It has been a year since his mansion was raided and he was arrested. Consequently, charges of online piracy were leveled against... Read more
Twitter’s New Video App Vine Takes the Scene
Twitter has now launched their distinctive new video app, the Vine. While being compared to existing apps such as Instagram and YouTube, the Vine app takes video sharing into a new realm. The videos, complete with audio, are created exclusively on iOS devices and max out at only 6... Read more
Apple iPad 128GB to go on Sale February 5
The Apple iPad 128GB has debuted with a Retina Display. The new size option was recently rumored and is now confirmed for the fourth generation iPad model. Apple will offer the 128GB tablet PC in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular models starting on February 5. Apple will make... Read more