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Nvidia Also Goes for Sophisticated Headquarters’ Design
Nvidia may be going the same route as Apple for the design of its new headquarters. The graphics processing unit (GPU) has been in operation for just over two decades and is now trying to set itself apart from the other companies in the industry. Choosing a sophisticated and... Read more
Yahoo Says No to Working From Home
Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, has issued a new directive for the company that has created a media firestorm. The new ban on telecommuting for Yahoo employees has garnered headlines from major media outlets as well as swift responses from telecommuting advocates.   The details of the new rule for... Read more
MTV’s Twitter Hacking Prank Misfires
Burger King got things rolling. Then it was Jeep. Hackers made merry on the Twitter pages of the leading brands, sending out weird messages and changing the design and layout of the profile. They also used the platform to spread rumors. Well apparently the hacking worked out well for... Read more
Bay View: Google’s New Global Headquarters
Google has recently revealed a watercolor painting created by the architects at nbbj architecture firm. The picture portrays Google’s future headquarters which will be called Bay View. The campus-like headquarters is to be located in Mountain View, California, just across town, just across town from the current “Googleplex” headquarters.... Read more
Coinstar Getting More Love from PayPal
When we think of counting coins PayPal isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Yet PayPal and Coinstar continue to strengthen their relationship, announcing on Wednesday the expansion of PayPal supported Coinstar machines. If you are unfamiliar with Coinstar the platform has traditionally worked by counting a customers... Read more
New Anti-Piracy System Comes to the US
A controversial new anti-piracy program has now come to the United States. The Copyright Alert System has been adopted by five of the major Internet service providers. The partipating providers, including Cablevision, AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast, and Verizon,  are all expected to launch the program. So what is it?... Read more
Microsoft’s Surface RT Tablet Faces Low Demand in China
It hasn’t been long since Microsoft unveiled its new line of tablets, the Surface. Since its release, the Surface Pro and other versions have been hogging their fair share of the market this side of the Atlantic. However, the same can’t be said of China, touted to be the... Read more
Watch Out Salesforce – Bitrix24 Social Intranet is Here
The demand for social intranet has exploded.  According to recently released numbers from Bitrix, small businesses are increasingly embracing cloud computing and affordable social intranet. Bitrix 24 offers businesses the ability to set up their own social intranet at a low cost, thereby providing the social networking tools that... Read more
Survey Shows Microsoft Cooler than Before
Microsoft may be one of the leading technological companies in the world but they have often been criticized for not being innovative and creative enough with their products. For many years, Microsoft’s products followed the same patterns and designs. Hence, they lost considerable market share to ‘hip’ and ‘cool’... Read more
Robots To Blame For Foxconn Hiring Freeze Not iPhone 5
Apple has always had more than its fair share of critics, and even when their sales were in the millions, we still heard analysts saying they failed for not reaching expectations. After the iPhone 5 came out, speculations about how the iPhone business has lagged were rife. Whether or not... Read more
Chrome App Launcher Comes to Windows
Windows OS users can download apps for the Google Chrome browser as well as other Web apps. In a move to make using Chrome apps convenient for desktop users, Google has released a Chrome app launcher. Now, users would be able to start up the apps without having to... Read more
Vending Machines in a Taxi?

Vending Machines in a Taxi?

News February 27, 2013

It’s true. Many of  New York City’s cabs will soon display passenger friendly, compact vending machines. To improve your New York  taxi experiences, the taxi version of the Vengo machine, called Taxi Treats, will offer products like energy drinks, snack bars, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, gum, cologne, and possibly even... Read more
BlackBerry Z10 Outselling iPhone & Samsung in Canada
The brand new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is a huge hit, at least that is the case for one Canadian retailer. According to Glentel the new flagship smartphone from BlackBerry is outselling the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones. The retailer claims that interest in the Z10 took off... Read more
Google Glass May be Available by the End of the Year
You could call it supershades, smart glasses, or every geek’s dream. But however you classify Glass, you have to admit, it’s pretty awesome. And sooner than expected, interested consumers will be able to sport their hi-tech headgear, and share their live,  first person experiences with the world.  Product director... Read more
Yahoo Tries to Go Social: Revamps Website with Facebook
It has been a tumultuous couple of years for Yahoo. Though its status as one of the world’s leading search engines and internet companies has not changed, the revenues and profits have been on the decline. The situation has been made worse with the succession of CEOs that have... Read more
The HTC One Targets iPhone Market
As we announced last week-HTC has just released its new flagship phone the HTC One. HTC phone sales peaked in 2011, when they had 10.7 percent of global smartphone shipments.  However, they currently only have around 4 percent, sitting just outside the top five manufacturers.  With HTC One, they... Read more
FCC Asks Mobile Signal Booster Users to Power Them Down
Having the best mobile phone you can afford is totally useless if you do not get a good signal from your carrier, and in spite of the prevalence of telecomm providers, there are still spots where signals are very weak. That’s what manufacturers of cell phone signal boosters have... Read more
The Smallest Satellites Have Launched
On Monday, February 25th, twin nanosatellites that are said to be the World’s smallest space telescopes, blasted off. The pair, referred to as the  Bright Target Explorer (BRITE) were aboard an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. The small satellites were among an international collaboration of space missions that launched... Read more