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Microsoft may be one of the leading technological companies in the world but they have often been criticized for not being innovative and creative... Survey Shows Microsoft Cooler than Before

Microsoft may be one of the leading technological companies in the world but they have often been criticized for not being innovative and creative enough with their products. For many years, Microsoft’s products followed the same patterns and designs. Hence, they lost considerable market share to ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ brands like Apple. In a bid to change the perception, Microsoft has been working hard on its new product line, upgrading it to a level where they can compete with Apple and the likes.

Survey Shows Microsoft Cooler than Before

For now, it seems like they haves succeeded in their quest. In a recent survey, nearly 50% of the participants were of the opinion that Microsoft is cooler than before. The survey targeted the most important demographic in gadgets and computing devices: 18 to 29-year olds. According to the survey, changes brought about by Microsoft over the past couple of years have made it cooler than it was. The company would be excited about the fact that they appeal to the youth in a better way now.

While Microsoft managed to get a 50% score on the survey, a couple of social networks fared worse. Quite unexpectedly, the response to Facebook was underwhelming to say the least. Just over 40% of the respondents answered in the affirmative when asked if whether the social network was cooler than before. For a website geared towards a younger audience, it may come as news that it isn’t considered as cool now. Maybe the changes to the TimeLine and other features have caused the cool to evaporate!

Twitter was the other social network that suffered the same fate as Facebook. Still, it managed to fare better scoring 47%. In essence, this means that youngsters consider Twitter to be cooler than Facebook at present. However, Twitter is unlikely to lose any sleep over this as the website is geared more towards older users though its acceptability is growing. In fact, it is quite possible they might actually be pleased at getting close to a 50% response from the survey participants.

Coming back to Microsoft, the survey result has come about as fruit for the hard work the company has put in over the past year or so. They have launched a new version of their operating system, the Windows 8. In addition, they have launched their own line of tablets, the Microsoft Surface. Plus, the Windows Phone OS makes it possible for users to enjoy it on their smartphones and other handheld gadgets. Most of all, it is the marketing and promotion campaign they have run which has clicked.

Survey Shows Microsoft Cooler than Before

Even though Apple reigns supreme in the tablets and smartphones market, users have opened up to the devices which run on Windows Phone. A couple of the respondents mentioned the fact that the flexibility provided by the OS makes it worth using. All in all, this caps off a great year for Microsoft as they have achieved what they wanted to achieve. Whether this sentiment translates to success in terms of sales and revenue remains to be seen.

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