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New LED Streetlamp Reduces Light Pollution
There is a reason astronomers prefer to set up their largest telescopes in high areas that are scarcely populated: light pollution from large urban agglomerations prevents them from getting a clear view of the sky. Researches have now come up with a new LED streetlamp design that has the... Read more
Apple Tech Support Dominates Survey For 10th Consecutive Year
Buying a piece of technology isn’t just about plugging it in and hoping for the best, most buyers want to know that their high-tech toys will be supported if something should happen to them down the road. In 2013 Apple once again ranked atop the Consumer Reports study for... Read more
First Braille Smartphone in the Works
A new smartphone developed by an Indian scientist is giving the visually impaired the possibility to use their phones for more than just taking or making calls: with the help of the special Braille display, users can also read emails and text messages. The device, dubbed the world’s first... Read more
Is The Samsung Galaxy S IV A Hit?
A little more than a month after the official Samsung Galaxy S IV features were announced, real people around the world are starting to get their hands on actual handsets. If you think about it, the wait has not been that long, but the hype certainly has been impressive.... Read more
Electronic Touch Pen Makes TV Set Interactive
It appears we are living in an increasingly tactile world. No matter where we look, we are bound to see something with a touchscreen: a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop and so on. A Japanese company is working on technology designed to turn any flat surface, starting from magazines... Read more
Dell in Dire Straits after Blackstone Exit
Blackstone Group LP has finally withdrawn their bid for PC maker Dell. The group had been weighing up the price it should offer for buying Dell but eventually decided to remove itself from the race. Until then, it was a three-way battle, with the other major contender being founder... Read more
Lego City Undercover The Chase Begins Review
Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins is a follow up to the initial Lego City Undercover, developed by TT Fusion and released for Wii U a few weeks ago. The game strives to offer gamers a similar playing experience as its predecessor and boasts being the first open world... Read more
Happy Birthday, Superman!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s…! Well, we all know how that goes, right? But have you ever wondered why? What is it that actually makes Superman so recognizable? Is it the red cape and blue suit? Is it his invincibility and uber-cool super powers?... Read more
Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab 3
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 was unveiled Monday morning and the tablet appears to feature mild upgrades to the company’s Tab lineup. The devices specs point to a budget friendly device aimed at the smaller-sized tablet sector. The Galaxy Tab 3 features an upgraded dual-core 1.2GHz processor (up from... Read more
Get This App: Buy the Items on Your Favorite Shows
How would you like to own that outfit your favorite TV character wore in the latest episode? Or maybe a watch, smartphone or other gadget they were using on the show? Apparently the people over at Get This Corp. had the same idea when they launched a special iTunes... Read more
Mailbox For Ipad In The Works
When I first got wind of Mailbox, the new mail app for the iPhone, in February, my curiosity got the better of me (as it usually does). Truth be told, I have had no issues with the default mail app on the iPhone and the iPad. The hype surrounding... Read more
Raspberry Pi Miniature Computer Overview
Miniature computer Raspberry Pi, initially developed to help children learn how to program, is going into mass production, becoming an increasingly popular gadget for small businesses as it is easily customizable and has extended programming applications. The Raspberry Pi, manufactured by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, currently costs $35 or... Read more
Click & Grow Smart Garden: Fresh Herbs Year-Round
There is nothing quite like fresh herbs and spices to help you when striving to turn from a mediocre cook into a talented chef. Unfortunately, not many of us have access to freshly cut herbs or have the necessary space to plant their own little garden. This is where... Read more
Facebanx Facial Recognition Combats Online Fraud
Rampant online fraud and identity theft could be considerably reduced with the help of new, innovative software. The concept is developed by tech company Facebanx and combines video chat with facial recognition technology. The software has the same name as its developer and was designed as a weapon against... Read more
Dead Island Riptide Proves Entertaining Despite Bugs
Dead Island Riptide, the follow up to the popular 2011 role playing zombie slasher Dead Island, follows pretty close in the footsteps of its predecessor, in both the good and the bad. Developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver, Riptide will appeal to fans of visceral zombie-killing games... Read more
Smack Attack Gadget: Reinventing the Steering Wheel
Raise a hand all of you who drum their steering wheels while listening to their favorite rock band in their car, at the red lights or during a traffic jam! But what would you say if that mindless drumming would actually turn into music? Here comes the Smack Attack... Read more
SimCity Patch Comes with More Bugs
It seems the end of trouble is nowhere in sight for Electronic Arts’ city building simulator SimCity. The game already had various bugs, but the patch released recently just added more errors instead of fixing them. It’s true, however, that some of the new bugs that came with SimCity... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Ratings On Par With iPhone 5
The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a Super AMOLED 5-inch 1080p display that DisplayMate testing claims is on par with Apple’s iPhone 5 and its Retina display. According to the groups study AMOLED displays are finally beginning to  “challenge the best performance of the best LCDs.” The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a density... Read more