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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Confirmed & Specs Revealed
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has been confirmed by the team at Samsung. As expected the Galaxy S4 Mini keeps close to the S4 but with a small display and mid-range hardware options. According to Samsung the S4 Mini features a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display and a 1.7GHz processor that supports 1.5GB... Read more
Google Buys Makani Power: Kite Powered Energy
Google has purchased Makani Power, a company it had been investing in from its inception. The US based company will be the latest addition to Google’s ever-growing research and development department. The price which Google has paid for buying Makani has not been revealed but it is rumored that... Read more
EA Sports Ignite, the Next-Gen Game Engine
Electronic Arts is keeping very busy these days, to the great joy of hardcore gamers everywhere. Besides developing hoards of new titles, the world’s third largest gaming company has also revealed a new engine for next generation platforms, EA Sports Ignite. The Ignite was officially unveiled at the Xbox... Read more
Man Sells Fake Copies of Adobe & Makes over $42,000 a Month
A man has been arrested for selling counterfeit copies of multimedia Adobe software, making a killing off his nefarious activities. Postal inspectors had to go undercover to uncover the fraud being carried out by the suspect, who claims he has been doing it for many years now. His modus... Read more
Tour Highest Peak with Mount Everest 3D App
How would you like to take a tour of Mount Everest without having to leave the comfort of your own house? Okay, this may not be something passionate mountain hikers would be pleased about, but it sure sounds appealing to the rest of us. A new iOS app called... Read more
Keep Your Pet Happy with Petcube
Pet owners who always worry about what their cat or dog are doing all alone at home will be thankful for this new gadget. The Petcube is a cube-shaped device with a built-in webcam and speaker that lets you check in on your pet and talk to it, wherever... Read more
Linkbot Lets You Create Your Own Robots
Have you always wanted to be a robotics expert, but didn’t actually manage to pull in all the necessary skills and patience? The Linkbot modular robotic platform can help: it allows users to build their own robot any way they want it, piece by piece. Manufactured by California-based firm... Read more
Fedora Releases New Linux Operating System For Raspberry Pi
Fedora have announced the release of their new Pidora 18 operating system based on their popular Fedora 18 Linux operating system, giving Raspberry Pi users another choice when it comes to operating systems. This new “remix” OS has been optimised for the Pi’s ARMv6 architecture and includes packages from... Read more
Is Yahoo Looking To Make Waves In The Gaming Scene?
Yahoo is undeniably a member of the old guard of the Internet, but recent changes in the company has resulted in lots of noise both within and without. From acquiring mobile news aggregator Summly to extending its revenue per search agreement with Microsoft to acquiring Tumblr (which may or... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S4 Auto-Correct Fix Using Jelly Bean Keyboard
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a beautifully crafted smartphone and for the most part buyers have been pleased with Samsung’s new focus on software that can be used to interact with everyday life. One area of concern for many users however has been the company’s implementation of auto-correct standards.... Read more
Get 4G On A 30-Day Rolling Sim With EE
The network provider Everyone Everywhere (EE) has announced that they will be giving customers the option to have 4G on sim-only options, allowing even more people to access the first super-fast mobile broadband service in the UK reaching speeds of up to 10 Mb/s. Indeed some trials in Cardiff... Read more
Helios Bars: Turn Your Bike into a Smart Bike
Changing the way your bike works forever, here come the Helios Bars: a modern, elegant set of handlebars that add a lot of smart features to the traditional bicycle. The Helios Bars are presented as the world’s first integrated blinker and headlight system for bikes, fitting almost any bicycle... Read more
iPhone 6 Rumours And News
Rumours for the next iPhone are flying around, with much speculation surrounding when it will be released and what the new features will be. Perhaps the first question to consider is what will the next model be? Some say the iPhone 5S will be released first and the iPhone... Read more
Will the Windows 8.1 Update Save Windows 8? [Readers Poll]
With the official announcement that Windows 8.1 will be available on June 26th, Windows 8 lovers and skeptics alike have been scouring news sites to find out exactly what will be included in the free update. While we’ll have to wait until the first day of Microsoft’s Build 2013... Read more
Gigabyte Launches BRIX Mini-PC
Computer hardware manufacturer Gigabyte has entered the mini-PC market with the BRIX mini-PC, a miniature system that is nonetheless highly customizable and packs a lot of power. The palm-sized system, known officially as the GB-XM1-3537 but referred to with the much-easier to remember term BRIX, was first unveiled at... Read more
Gorilla Glass 3: Corning’s Answer to Sapphire Screens
Just a little over two months ago, we were all going gaga about the idea of sapphire screens, with a surprising (or not-so-surprising) readiness to say goodbye to good old trusty Gorilla Glass. Well, maybe not all of us, but the thought of sapphire screens more resistant than Gorilla... Read more
Mataerial 3D Printer Defies Gravity
This new 3D printing technology is indeed the stuff of science fiction. Current 3D printing processes, as impressive as they are, require a flat tray or build surface to work. But the Mataerial 3D printer seems to have found a way around that: it creates structures on almost any... Read more
Controversial Shadow Warrior Remake on Its Way
For those of you who remember the video games of the 1990s, you may have crossed paths at a certain point with a strange, violent and blatantly rude first person shooter called Shadow Warrior. Although widely criticized for racism and cultural insensitivity, the game remains a cult classic. And... Read more