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South Korean Government Attacked By New Trojan:Korhigh
Amid a new wave of attacks hitting government and media networks in South Korea, researchers at Symantec have uncovered yet another piece of malware that destroys sensitive hard drive data and renders computers unusable. The new malware program is called Korhigh (named by security firm Symantec) and contains the same... Read more
Augmented Reality Education
Scientists at Spain’s Universidad Carlos III en Madrid have developed software for augmented reality glasses that will allow professors to visualise how their students are understanding class material. The proposed system, called Augmented Lecture Feedback System (ALFs), requires professors to wear augmented reality glasses in order to facilitate communication... Read more
HTC One Windows Phone 8 On The Horizon?
This new rumour regarding the variant of the HTC One will look very similar to the metallic flagship model, but will be powered by Microsoft’s tile-based operating system, Neowin reports. The phone won’t be a clone or carbon copy of the original HTC One, but will have a similar look.... Read more
myIDkey Keeps Your Passwords Handy
Strong passwords are crucial for the security of your personal information and we’re always told to never use the same password twice and to use complex strings of letters, numbers and symbols. But how can we remember all those different passwords and where can we store them so that... Read more
The Restoration of Edsac Reaches A Significant Milestone
A project to recreate and restore a pioneering 1940s computer has reached a major milestone after the first working parts are demonstrated. The key elements were unveiled at an event at Bletchley Park on Wednesday, marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sir Maurice Wilkes who designed the... Read more
KeyMe Locksmith In The Cloud
Do you know that feeling when you reach into your pocket and you can’t find your keys? It’s horrible isn’t it?  Well with new service KeyMe, launched this week in New York, it seems we have found a solution to that problem, by storing your keys in the cloud... Read more
Self-transforming Transformer Robot by Takara Tomy
Transformers fans should really get their hands on this awesome toy. The self-transforming Transformer robot is an impressive gadget from Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy and has just gone into production. Takara Tomy first revealed the self-transforming robot at the Tokyo Toy Show 2013. The Transformer bot was displayed... Read more
Pick-Pocket Proof Pants For The Traveling Gadgeteer
Traveling and gadgets go together. Can you imagine being on a 4-hour long flight without your phone or tablet with you? Can you envision going on a vacation without a camera to immortalize your experiences? From smartphones to laptops – a plethora of travel-friendly gadgets are among the priorities... Read more
Smartwatches: A Gimmick or The Next iPad? [Readers Poll]
With the likes of Sony, Apple and Samsung all announcing they are working on smartwatches – it’s easy to get carried away in the hype for these new devices. Add to this the success of the Pebble, Agent and Vachen Smartwatch concepts on KickStarter, and you might already be kicking... Read more
Microsoft Release Preview Of Windows 8.1
Microsoft Corp released a test version of Windows 8.1 on Wednesday. Many computer users were left confused and unsure of the new tile-based interface that was launched with Windows 8. The interface, which works best with touch-screen devices, left fans of the traditional desktop PC longing for the old-style... Read more
Bing Open To Developers
At its Build developer conference, Microsoft announced that it is opening up a large amount of Bing‘s advanced functionality to software developers. As Microsoft corporate VP Gurdeep Singh Pall noted, developers are already using Bing APIs, of course, but apps can now use Bing’s natural user interfaces, optical character recognition and new mapping and visualization capabilities, which... Read more
Small Danish Company Create Software To Prevent The Printing Of 3D Guns
The Danish company Create It Real, has designed a software package that can prevent people from printing  3D guns. It recognises digital gun part models and then prevents them from being printed. The software is able to compare each piece the user is trying to print with a database... Read more
A Look At Samsung ATIV Tab 3
It’s all about how thin gadgets are these days. People would easily make a trade off when it comes to performance specs, if the gadget is thin enough to make a difference in weight. I’m one of those – MacBook Air over MacBook Pro Retina. Never mind that Retina is... Read more
Microsoft & Oracle Get it Together in The Cloud
During a recent press conference the Microsoft Corporation said it would support Oracle software on its cloud-based platforms.  This tie-up is aimed at improving the rivals’ chances against smaller Web-based rival companies chipping away at their traditional businesses. The two industry leaders have been in competition for many years... Read more
Mobile Malware Increases By 614% – Android Most At Risk
New data shows that in the past year mobile malware has increased by 614 percent, with Android receiving 92 percent of the threats. The data comes from Juniper Newtorks, who released its third annual Mobile Threat Report on Tuesday. The growth of mobile malware was tracked from March 2012... Read more
Water-resistant Sony SmartWatch 2 Unveiled
Sony’s initial foray into the market of wearable electronics was not that big a success, given that the company’s first smartwatch went by largely unnoticed. But Sony SmartWatch 2 is a modified, improved version of its predecessor and will surely make some waves, especially in a market that seems... Read more
Jackery Air: Super-slim Portable Mobile Charger
All the frequent travelers out there who always worry that their mobile devices will run out of juice when they need them most should definitely give this gadget a try. The Jackery Air is a super-slim portable mobile charger that’s about the size of an iPhone 5 and has... Read more
FAA Gadget Policy Changes: Expect Delays
Since news broke regarding a possible change in the Law regarding using gadgets during flights, airline passengers in the United States are eager to be able to start using their electronic devices on board aircraft but will have months to wait until new rules are ironed out. After Washington’s... Read more