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Stop Patent Trolls Says The Internet Association
A group of US trade bodies have started a campaign against patent trolls and asked politicians to join them in taking action to stop them. Amongst the group is the Internet Association, who are keen to prevent these so-called trolls from taking out generalised patents on widely available technology... Read more
Who Will Be Microsoft’s Next CEO? [Readers Poll]
Love him or hate him, Steve Ballmer leaves particularly big boots to fill when he steps down as Microsoft CEO in 2014. After joining the company in 1980 as Microsoft’s first business manager, Ballmer steadily rose to become the top dog in January 2000 following founder Gates’ decision to... Read more
Apple Patents Silent Disco
A new Apple patent appears to want to capitalize on a somewhat off-beat trend to promote a new kind of music sharing dubbed “The silent disco”.  It is a recent trend that sees people using headphones to come together and enjoy a concert quietly while in a shared physical... Read more
Out-Of-Body Experience Triggered by Heartbeats
Triggering an out-of-body experience could be easier than previously thought, new research suggests. By using synchronized heartbeats, scientists found that such an extracorporeal experience can happen quite effortlessly. The study’s findings could pave the way to the development of new treatments for people suffering from self-perceptual disorders such as... Read more
Future Skype Calls Could be Made in 3D
Skype has confirmed that it is working on 3D video calling but is unable to release the development until camera and video capture technology catches up. Mark Gillett, Microsoft’s Skype vice president said that the popular app has the potential to support 3D conversations in the future but it... Read more
China Hit By Massive DDOS Attack
A huge portion of Chinese-based Internet was disrupted on Sunday courtesy of  a massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.  The government has said it was the biggest it had ever experienced, as the attack was designed to flood networking infrastructure at the China Internet Network Information Center, which manages the Chinese domain... Read more
MIT Flow Battery Promises Cheap Energy Storage
We’re always on the lookout for cheap, efficient ways to store energy. A new invention from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is likely to be the solution we have all been waiting for. MIT researchers have recently unveiled a new battery design that practically reinvents how traditional batteries work.... Read more
Facebook Releases Its First Global Government Requests Report
Facebook is keen to reassure us that its core values are still “transparency and trust” and that it takes seriously the privacy of its users, with the release of its first Global Government Request Report. So what information can we expect to glean from the report? Well Facebook’s aim... Read more
iPhone Trade in Program
Apple is about to introduce a trade-in program that will enable users to walk into a Retail store and trade in an old model iPhone to a new one. There are some interesting details about the way in which the program will work and for that matter, is working... Read more
Elon Musk Building A Gesture Based System Like Iron Man
Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors has often been compared to Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Both Musk and the facilities at SpaceX have had brief cameo appearances in Iron Man 2, whilst director Jon Favreau was open about the fact that Musk had been the inspiration... Read more
Apple Patent to Allow iPhone Status Sharing
Do you always forget to turn off your phone and it rings at the most inappropriate times? If you own an iPhone you might soon be able to let other users know if you’re available, by using a status sharing system similar to IM statuses. The iPhone status sharing... Read more
Carbyne: World’s Strongest Material
Step over graphene and diamond, there’s a new super-strong form of carbon in town! Named carbyne, this may very well be the world’s strongest material. The substance is not entirely new but its properties have been described in detail by scientists for the first time. A paper published by... Read more
Ofcom Considering High Speed Internet Aboard Flights
Communications regulator, Ofcom, is currently considering licensing new satellite technology that could mean higher bandwidth that is able to support streaming films and music.  The system uses Earth Stations on Mobile Platforms, known as (ESOMPs), to deliver the network rather than relying on the currently limited 2G mobile networks.  This... Read more
Leaked: HTC One Android 4.3 Pre-Release 
These days, leaks of new phones and software are happen all the time, and Android is no exemption. With all the Android devices out there, it is rather hard to keep up with new stuff being released. One of the more popular devices in recent times, though, is the... Read more
Brain Signals Sent Via the Internet
In a press release, two scientists from the University of Washington claim to be the first to demonstrate brain-to-brain communication. A signal was sent from Rajesh Rao to the brain of Andrea Stocco via the internet, causing him to move his hand. Chantel Prat, an assistant professor of psychology... Read more
Yahoo Recycles Usernames
From Monday August 26, Yahoo will begin notifying those who requested a particular user ID through the company’s newly expanded and ever increasing, pool of usernames, if their request has been granted. If you missed it the first time around, earlier this summer Yahoo made an announcement that it... Read more
Meet Genesis, the Self-assembling 3D Printed Car
As 3D printing is becoming bigger, its potential will continue to grow and the technology will gradually find its way into every area and part of our lives. Which is not a bad thing, given the wide range of possible uses. So how would you feel about driving a... Read more
Samsung Galaxy Gear Arriving September 4 – Confirmed
We all had a good incling of what might be coming at Samsung’s Unpacked event in Berlin next week, the Galaxy Note 3 being the main one but now thanks to an announcement from a Samsung executive, we all now know that we will definitely be seeing the Galaxy... Read more