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Oracle Openworld New Hardware, Faster Databases
Software giant Oracle has kicked off its annual OpenWorld conference in San Francisco with a big keynote speech by CEO Larry Ellison, during which he said the company has significantly boosted the speed at which its databases can run. In a 90-minute presentation, Ellison went on considerably about how... Read more
Light-Gun Game Encourages Kids To Eat Vegetables
When it comes to getting kids to eat vegetables, most parents need all the help they can get. Some parents resort to ridiculous lengths to ‘hide’ the vegetables in each meal whereas other parents just can’t seem to do anything to get their kids to eat their veggies. Of... Read more
Makerbot Digitizer Makes Cloning Objects Simple
Brooklyn based 3D printer guru’s MakerBot will be shipping their Digitizer in October. The MakerBot Digitizer takes a 3D object, scans is and creates a 3 dimensional design file. These design files can then be used with a 3D printer to make a physical clone of the original object.... Read more
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Is Region Locked!
Last week, everyone who heard about the news that Samsung’s new phones are region-locked made a lot of noise online – and quite understandably so! Do you remember those days of DVDs being region-locked? It’s not like we’re totally free of georetardation, but the mere idea of not being... Read more
HP Chromebook 14 is The First Chromebook With Intel Haswell
Say hello to the new HP Chromebook 14: Hewlett Packard’s new laptop is the first of the Chromebook series with an Intel Haswell processor.The UK model will only have 3G, but there is a 4G version available in US markets. Selected deals in the US can get consumers up... Read more
NASA Technology Could Help Save Lives
The first minutes and hours following a natural disaster are crucial if lives are to be saved. NASA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are working together to produce a device that can detect heartbeats and breathing patterns of victims trapped beneath debris. For first response services precious... Read more
Carbon Nanotube Computer Technology Breakthrough
Researchers at the Stanford University announced on Wednesday that they have created the first-ever working carbon nanotube computer. They published their discovery in this week’s edition of Nature. The researchers, led by professors Subhasish and H.S Philip Wong call it “CEDRIC”, which they say loosely stands for carbon nanotube... Read more
Tokina Makes Rain Dispersion Filter
One of the major problems with videography is the unpredictability of the weather.  Wet weather can mean extra cost for production due to the fact that the majority of the day is spent trying to wipe the camera lens clean. Eventually the cloth stops working as it’s saturated with... Read more
Hackers Steal Michelle Obama’s ID Details From Data Broker
Hackers managed to steal millions of social security numbers by hacking into the networks of large US data brokers. Many famous names, including US First Lady Michelle Obama, were exposed to the attack. An investigation was done by the FBI and US Secret Service, aided by the journalist Brian... Read more
Ouya’s Free The Games Program Revised
Remember that big news about OUYA setting aside $1M for its Kickstarter matching campaign? Dubbed Free the Games Fund, the campaign came under very close scrutiny – both from fans and critics alike. The fact that people put the Ouya’s Free the Games Fund under the microscope is nothing... Read more
California Law To Allow Teens To Delete Social Media Posts
California has passed a law allowing under-18s to force websites to delete their personal information. The law takes effect from 2015 and includes content that has been posted by the individual, like photos and content. However, companies will not be made to remove content posted or reposted by others.... Read more
Cuddle Mattress Makes Spooning More Comfortable
We’ve all seen the photos advertising a new mattress with the couple spooning one another and most of us will have exactly the same thought running through our minds; “they will not be like that in a few minutes!” The reality of it is that cuddling up to somebody... Read more
Apple Releases New iMac With Iris Pro
Following the release of the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, Apple has given its iMac a small revamp. The new release brings Haswell cores from Intel, new NVIDIA Corp. GPUs, improved Fusion drives and more ports. Last October Apple made major changes to the iMac line, which included... Read more
Can Biking Be Fun Again? Yes Says Autobike
The bike is hung up in the garage waiting to be taken out again. But until somebody comes and moves the hills, or explains to you exactly how the gears work on the bike so you don’t feel as though you’re riding through wet concrete everywhere you go, the... Read more
Samsung’s Golden Galaxy S4
Samsung clearly don’t want to be left behind in the gold rush. Following the release of Apple’s gold iPhone, Samsung has announced it will be launching its very own golden phone. The new Gold Edition Galaxy S4 will be available in two options, a Gold Pink model or a... Read more
NASA Declares Deep Impact Mission Lost
On Friday 20, 2013 NASA officially declared the comet hunting Deep Impact mission lost. Although the loss was unexpected, the mission team were more than happy with the $267 million unmanned spacecraft’s performance. In the little under 9 years from launch, the spacecraft had managed to travel 4.7 billion... Read more
Welcome Back To Life, Simplenote!
Simplenote has been dubbed as the “first great notes app“, and in spite of a rocky recent history, it seems that its fans have not lost enthusiasm for the app. The notes app scene has not been idle, with many apps coming into the picture, but with Simplenote’s comeback,... Read more
James The Robot Bartender Knows When You Want A Drink
James the robot bartender will chat, serve and recognize when you want drinks thanks to the partnership of a team of professors from Germany, Scotland and Greece. The birth of robot bar tenders isn’t particularly newsworthy as there have been other attempts before James. However James, the Joint Action... Read more