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Wanderio Book Your Complete Euro Trip
How many times have you visited what seems like dozens of websites to gather reams of data regarding your travel plans before you actually settle down to finding the right deal? Even then you just want to check a few more sites to see “if” you can gain a... Read more
Google Smartwatch Enters Final Production!
According to the Wall Street Journal, their sources who have inside information on Google’s hardware plans have revealed that the firm is in the final stages of producing its very first smartwatch. The anonymous sources have apparently claimed that the smartwatch is nearly ready for mass production and could... Read more
Livescribe 3 Pen Sends Handwritten Notes Straight To Your iPad
When I first saw an ad for Livescribe some years ago, I remember thinking just how good kids these days have it. Back in the day, we had to be creative to find out ways to jot down notes as fast as our professors in school spat out ideas.... Read more
Star Chase System: GPS Bullets for Car Chases
Everyone loves a good police chase; except, well maybe the police and any pedestrians who might be in the area. While high-speed police car chases may be exciting on the big screen, they are anything but exciting to the police officers in real life. More than 360 officers are... Read more
British Hacker Charged With Infiltrating US Government
A British man has been arrested and charged with hacking into different US government networks and then stealing “massive quantities” of confidential data. 28 year old, British hacker Lauri Love, was arrested by representatives of the recently launched National Cyber Crime Unit of the National Crime Agency (NCA) in Stradishall, Suffolk, last Friday... Read more
Qualcomm & Sandisk Support Plan To Unlock World’s Videos
There has been a boom in the number of mobile apps that allow users to shoot, edit and then share their videos. With the release of video for Instagram came a number of new social video apps, one of which was Magisto, who created an app that was designed... Read more
Kicksend Signs Mobile Photo Printing Deal With Walmart
Photography startup Kicksend has spent the last 12 months building partnerships with retail chains such as Target, CVS and Walgreens.  With these deals the company wishes to bring its promise of dead-simple photo sharing and printing to the mass market. Presently it looks like Kicksend has another gained another notable... Read more
Upgrade Your Smartphone Camera with Sony QX10
A smartphone camera lens with a camera on its own; this is what Sony QX10 is all about. Despite being redundant, this accessory makes smartphone photography innovatively new in every sense. It can be somehow related to mirrorless kit lens, only a bit smaller in size and in megapixels.... Read more
Qardio ECG Monitor Streams Data To Your IPhone
The co founder of Qardio Marco Peluso had a career in the finance industry for 14 years. He worked as an investment banker for JPMorgan and then as a partner at a hedge fund. But things changed when his father had a stroke while they were talking on the phone.... Read more
Now You Can Use The Samsung Galaxy Gear With Other Phones
The smartwatch niche is a booming one, with practically every manufacturer that matters making their own version. One of the most interesting smartwatches to come out this year is the Samsung Galaxy Gear. While Pebble and Cookoo have made it to the scene first, the Galaxy Gear certainly made... Read more
Google Reveals Modular Smartphone With Project Ara
Google’s phone firm Motorola has announced a new project that will allow users to build their own modular smartphone. Project Ara will let users buy a plastic phone structure, named an endoskeleton, and then add-on modules such as a keyboard, battery or other sensors, giving them flexibility to customize... Read more
Bluetooth Speaker P.A.C.O Makes Use Of Gesture Controls
Created by the Italy-based design studio Digital Habit(s), P.A.C.O is a minimalist Bluetooth speaker that boasts for gestural controls. The components of the loudspeaker is fabricated in concrete and a special type of wooden material called the Fir Harmonic Board. These materials directly influence the excellence of the sound... Read more
Is BBM For Android & iOS A Hit?
About six months ago, BBM for Android and iOS was announced. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: BBM is the one thing that BlackBerry can be totally proud of. Outages notwithstanding. Of course, we know just how limited you can be with using BBM, as BlackBerry... Read more
FBI Seized $28.5 Million in Bitcoins From Silk Road Owner Ross Ulbricht
The Silk Road made a small fortune during its two and a half years as the web’s biggest anonymous black market for illegal drugs, but at least a $28.5 million chunk of that money now belongs to the FBI. The bureau has located and seized a collection of 144,000... Read more
Sketch Stylus: For Paper And Tablet
In the age where everything can be written electronically, there’s so little need for real pens and pencils. However, Suck UK turned this notion around by producing a set of special pens called the Sketch Stylus. This item may look like your typical graphite pencil. The standard HB lead... Read more
Is This Google’s Floating Data Centre?
At the end of Treaure Island, San Francisco, a mysterious structure is rising from a floating barge. Although no one knows what is inside the series of modern cargo containers making up the strange structure, speculation is mounting that it belongs to Google. Although Google has refused to comment... Read more
Wishbone: Education Crowdfunded
Wishbone allowed Eighty kids got to attend academic summer camps and after-school programs this year.  Now, the education crowdfunding platform has begun to allow children in need in the NYC and the Bay Area to apply for assistance. The non-profit startup has spent the last year increasing its fundraising... Read more
How Apple’s Mavericks Hurts Windows
Apple’s iPad latest event may still have the critics in their nitpicking mode, but there is a LOT to be happy about – not the least of which is the fact that the newest OS, Mavericks, is available as a free upgrade. For Mac users who may not have... Read more