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Ex-Nokia Employees Take On The Smartphone Market With Jolla
Some ex-Nokia employees have joined forces to create a new handset that runs on a new smartphone platform, that is based on software discarded by Nokia back in 2011. The members of the team have started their own company and joined up with a major Finnish network. Together they... Read more
Microsoft Suspects NSA Of Spying & Strengthens Encryption
The NSA. Spying. Surveillance. Edward Snowden. We’ve been hearing about these left and right in the past year, and it seems that the issue is not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, major tech players have made their voices heard and are taking some steps to counter “alleged”... Read more
Google’s Chromebook Supports “OK Google” Command
If you own one of the many different types of Chromebooks available on the market, the probability is that you also will own an Android device and you have some clue of what Google Now is.  This new ability to say “Ok Google” within Google Now and ask it... Read more
Draw Electronic Circuits With This Ballpoint Pen
Electroninks Incorporated, originally part of a research lab for the University of Illinois, has developed a rollerball pen that allows you to create fully functioning circuits through silver conductive ink. Circuit Scribe means that you can draw electroinc circuits and then test a prototype concept, all without the use... Read more
Amazon Investigated For Alleged Poor Working Conditions
The massive online retailer, Amazon, employs more than 20,000 people scattered across their 8 warehouses during the company’s peak holiday season.  However, not all of the workers are as happy as they may first appear.  A BBC Panorama investigation into a UK-based Amazon warehouse has discovered working conditions that... Read more
Harvard Scientist Creates First 3D Printed Battery
It is amazing what has been achieved with the use of 3D printing technology, yet researchers have never managed to print a battery, that is until now. Thanks to new types of ink and tools, it is possible to create 3D printed lithium ion cells. Materials scientist Jennifer Lewis... Read more
Sony Patents A SmartWig

Sony Patents A SmartWig

News November 29, 2013

Okay, now this is just plain weird. Sony has patented and created all kinds of technology in the past, and most of it made sense. Now, however, they’ve done something that makes no sense to any of us. They have patented a SmartWig. Yes, you read that right –... Read more
Udacity Creates Online Degree Program For Data Science
A new $37 million White House initiative designed to encourage data science work at American universities has kick-started some companies to assist in their goal of helping more people to get educated. One of these companies is education startup, Udacity and they have respond well, with a data science initiative of their... Read more
Remove Prying Eyes With This Laptop Privacy Briefcase
If you’ve ever been on a flight (or a train, subway, or bus ride for that matter), you know that the passengers next to you can get a little nosy sometimes. There are few things worse than when you realize that the neighbor in the seat next to you... Read more
HTC One Max: Does Size Matter?
The HTC One has been a very popular Android phone, mainly due to the fact that it has a stunning display, an industrious build and features some top specifications. So when HTC released the One Max handset it would be logical to think that bigger is better, or is... Read more
Pay For Virgin Galactic Space Flights With Bitcoins
Sir Richard Branson has got his fingers in almost all the pies, so to speak.  His Virgin Media company provides people all over the UK with award winning, superfast fibre optic broadband, capable of lightening speeds. The Virgin train and aircraft network can commute people all over the globe... Read more
Meet The New Nokia Music Service: Nokia Mix Radio
Music makes the world go round, and if you don’t believe that, just take a look at the countless music apps out there. Every brand has to have their own, and no wonder: people keep using them and spending money on them! I don’t know about you, but I... Read more
NASA Developing Anti-Bug Airplane Wings
NASA is looking at new ways of combatting the problem of bugs in its systems. I’m not talking about computer bugs but actual insects, which can cause an increase in fuel consumption and pollutants when they spatter onto planes and other vehicles. Researchers at NASA, known as the ‘Bug... Read more
Keep Your Frozen Seat Warm With Helios Outdoor Furniture
There’s a reason most BBQ’s and outdoor social events happen in the summer time, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. There’s a simple reason – it’s warm outside! Most people don’t want to sit outside on their patio furniture when it is below 50... Read more
Netgear Build Worlds Fastest NAS
There has been a good deal of news about network storage solutions of late and there are many players in the game.  The old school manufacturers usually have the knowhow when it comes to developing high quality, low cost products that are innovative and yet stable.  Take for example... Read more
Tiny Roadie Will Tune Your Guitar
As an amateur guitar player who is mostly tone deaf, I really hate to tune my guitar strings. Since I can’t do it by ear (at all), I either have to rely on an app on my phone or I have to ask someone who has better ears than... Read more
Artist Builds An Invisible LED Shack
Architecture is not one of my strong points, I admit.  However, upon discovering this very clever and very weird construction, I just had to investigate the matter further. The Lucid Stead construction is a near-invisible shack, located in South Eastern California’s Joshua Tree desert-like national park. The designer/artist, Phillip K.... Read more
Apple iWatch Delayed

Apple iWatch Delayed

MobileNews November 28, 2013

According to sources at DigiTimes, mass production of Apple’s iWatch is rumoured to have been shifted from the first quarter of next year to the second quarter. The reports claim this shift is due to “low yields”, but of which component it is not known. The Taiwanese behind the... Read more