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Insects’ Nervous Systems Inspire Neuromorphic Supercomputers
According to reports from researchers, microchips that have been built to mimic an insect’s nervous system have proved to be successful at helping solve technical issues such as object recognition and data mining. Biomimetics is nothing new, with scientists copying various designs from nature and applying them in designs... Read more
Estately: The App That Helps You Find A New Home
If you are in the very fortunate position to be able to afford to move home, then there is a fair chance you would like to browse for your future pad using your iPhone. And online real estate company Estately is all about getting you into your new place... Read more
NYFD Uses Algorithm to Prevent New York Fires
Firefighters have pretty much responded to fires much the same way over the years. They get a call in the middle of the day (or whenever) and they pull on their gear and get in the firetruck to put out the flames. Then they return to the station and... Read more
14,000 Volts Of Electricity Left This Man’s Cataracts Looking Like Stars
This pair of starry eyes belong to an electrician who was exposed to a 14,000-volt electric shock to his left shoulder. The lastest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, has published the account of how this man was left with “bilateral stellate anterior subcapsular opacities of the... Read more
Stratasys Unveils Multi Material 3D Printer
A multi-material 3D printer that can print in a wide range of colours has been unveiled in San Diego.  The model has been unveiled recently by the manufacturers of the Makerbot series of printers, Stratasys at the SolidWorks World trade show. According to the printing company, the new 3D printer... Read more
Microsoft Slashes Prices on Windows 8.1 Tablets!
Microsoft is making a huge push with some of its Windows 8.1 tablets, both in its online and physical stores, so it might be the best time to get yourself a brand spanking new Windows 8.1 tablet soon. Starting the 24th of this month, the prices of select Windows... Read more
Man Risks Life & Limb To Save Xbox From Burning House
It must be devastating to watch your home become engulfed by flames, while you, powerless to do anything about it, have to stand by and watch everything you treasure be destroyed beyond repair. Although there must be an overwhleming feeling to just salvage everything you can, most people would... Read more
Cut Your Energy Bills With Snapt
Everybody needs to save money since the recession came upon us.  The need to look into savings in all aspects of our lives is essential if we are to gain some ground against the financial mess we currently find ourselves in.  So it comes as no surprise that those... Read more
Honda Unveils Automatic Braking Feature
It seems vehicles are continually becoming more and more automated these days. Pretty soon, all we may have to do is strap ourselves in to the “driver’s” seat and tell the vehicle where we want it to take us, close our eyes and enjoy the ride. I’ve read recently... Read more
Driving An Electric Car Will Not Save The Planet
If you were thinking of buying an electric or hybrid car in order to do your bit for the environment, then you might want to read the new research printed in the Environmental Science & Technology journal first. The research claims that even if we see a great increase... Read more
RIP Facebook in 2017?

RIP Facebook in 2017?

Internet January 30, 2014

People it seem, have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Some love it, some hate it, and some may admit that they have a slight addiction and that they hate to love it. You can’t go very far without hearing about someone on Facebook, seeing someone on Facebook, or running... Read more
New Malware Infects PC & Connected Phones
Everybody with a cell phone and a laptop have connected the two together to transfer a file or to root the device, or to simply browse the system in a more convenient way.  People in general view this way as the most secure way of transferring files, particularly since... Read more
Timesink For The Day: Microsoft’s Interactive Billion-Pixel Image Of Seattle
Working together with more than a hundred local artists and performers, Microsoft created an interactive billion-pixel image of Seattle, claiming that this project is the best of its kind. True enough, an interactive billion-pixel image is not something you see every day; and given the size of this image, you’ll... Read more
Samsung Set To Unveil ‘Galaxy Glass’ This September
The Korea Times reports that Samsung is in the process of creating a product to rival Goolge Glass. Anonymous officials from the company claim that “Galaxy Glass”, could be unveiled at the September’s IFA event in Berlin. At last year’s IFA, Samsung debuted the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. One of... Read more
Look What TSA Stopped From Getting On Your Airplane In 2013
Anyone who has boarded a plane in the days since 9/11 has probably gotten just a tad bit irritated with the TSA officials. We have to show up for our flight 2 hours early, we have to wait in a huge security line, and then we have to put... Read more
Google Acquires AI Firm DeepMind For $240 Million
Is the rise of the machines nearly upon us?  It maybe nearer than you think, as Google’s latest acquisition is in line with their recent purchases of seven robotics firms, including Industrial Perception, which specialises in machines that can package goods and Mekabot, which makes humanoid robots.  However, as... Read more
Apple To Enter Mobile Payments Market
Do you use Paypal?  Many of us do!  But Apple has also started laying the foundations for a strong mobile payment service.  Eddy Cue,  App Store chief, has met with many payment decision makers in order to discuss the company’s potential in creating a payments business for goods and... Read more
How The Super Bowl Plans To Combat Terrorism
It’s a sad fact that anytime you get a ton of people all together in one place anymore it becomes a target for terrorists. If you have a hard time accepting this fact, just think back to the Boston Marathon bombing. It is no different this year for the... Read more