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This Woman Spent $15,000 to Look Good in Selfies
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever spent a huge amount of money on? A gigantic TV? A video game system? A motorcycle? Diamond jewelry? While “expensive” is a bit of a relative term anymore, I think most of us would agree that $15,000 isn’t exactly pocket change. (Unless your... Read more
Wireless Google Fiber Maybe Available in 34 Major Cities Soon
Google Fiber has unquestionably been making waves with their free and low-cost internet service packages.  Recently a document was circulated to the next 34 cities that are slated to receive the service next year in 2015.  Google has hinted that there also might be plans to roll out WiFi... Read more
Microsoft’s First Nokia Lumia Ad is All About Making Things Colorful
Ads for phones these days are a big deal, what with all the competition going on. Apple, for example, has recently released a new ad for the iPhone 5s featuring the Pixies, in spite of the phone having been out for quite some time. Samsung does its own part,... Read more
How To Protect Your Data
As we all store an increasing amount of sensitive information on our smartphones, protecting our data is vitally important. Just consider, the last time you connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, did you even stop for a moment to consider what risk you were putting your private data under? I... Read more
Virtuix VR Treadmill

Virtuix VR Treadmill

News April 30, 2014

Virtuix raised $1.1m during their Kickstarter campaign last year.  Now they have $3m seed investment to be added to that pot, to make a sizeable amount of funds with which to further the virtual reality field. One of the investors, Tekton Ventures, said regarding Virtuix: “We believe Virtuix’s virtual... Read more
Netflix Roulette Will Pick What To Watch For You
If your family is anything like mine, sometimes it’s almost impossible to pick something to watch on Netflix. Oh, there are several options which look really good, but narrowing those choices down to something three people can agree on is just short of a miracle. You see, I like... Read more
iPhone 6 Rumors & Release Date
A recent survey of US consumers found that the iPhone 6 is the most anticipated Apple smartphone ever! If the number of rumors and leaked images are anything to go by then that could be the case the world over but thanks to Apple’s desire to keep pace with... Read more
WhatsApp Android Update Allows Group Mute Feature
As WhatsApp now has over half a billion active users per month, it is more than likely you use it or someone you know uses it.  WhatsApp is one of the more widely used cross platform instant messaging applications that is available on the market today.  The features are many... Read more
Nissan Uses Nano Technology to Create Self-cleaning Cars
Superhydrophobic coating is an awesome material.  It has been around for a while now, but the nano coating is being used sparingly, it seems, in marketed products.  It looks as though members of the motor industry are willing to give the concept of applying a Superhydrophobic coating to a vehicle... Read more
Microsoft Enters The TV Market With Xbox Originals
Starting June, Microsoft is going to be even more present in your living room with its foray into the TV market via Xbox Originals. This move is basically Microsoft attempting to make another mark in home entertainment by taking the use of the Xbox to a whole new level.... Read more
Giant 3D Printers Make 10 Houses Per Day
3D printing technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds of late.  There has been really interesting creations in the fashion world, the medical field, technology and other realms.  But I did not imagine that the housing industry was something that was going to have a big involvement in... Read more
Build Your Own Smartphone Using A Raspberry Pi
How would you like to be the owner of a touchscreen smartphone that is unlike any other? – Well you can be, just build your own! That’s what David Hunt did, using his Raspberry Pi and a few other bits that came to a total cost of $158. That... Read more
Google Camera App Makes Sure You Record Videos Correctly
In case you missed the news, Google decided to release a standalone camera app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. While it will do a lot of the same things your stock camera will do, it also has a few upgrades – one which is worthy... Read more
Comixology Removes In-App Purchases
To read comic books on a digital device used to be a very simple process, almost as easy as walking into a comic book store and purchasing your latest comic.  Nowadays there are a few different avenues to get your latest Marvel/DC fix.  Comixology is a website that provides... Read more
Tips On Speeding Up Your PC
There is nothing more irritating than a PC that is running slow but rather than dashing out to splash out on a brand new machine, there are a few simple things you can try first. The following tips will help speed up your computer and get it working at... Read more
New Vulnerability in Internet Explorer Found!
Internet Explorer users, listen up, and very carefully, too! Over the weekend, Microsoft announced that a new vulnerability has been found, one that affects each and every version of Internet Explorer. The attacks that have been noted particularly target Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11, although all the other... Read more
Thunderbird 29.0 Beta Now Available
From the minds of the people behind Firefox browser, Thunderbird is a fantastic, feature rich email client. Mozilla’s Thunderbird gives you lots of features and customizable options such as :IMAP/POP support.  A built-in RSS reader.  Support for HTML mail.  A powerful quick search with saved search folders.  There is... Read more
New Features in Windows Phone 8.1
With the likes of iOS and Android dominating the smartphone market, it can be difficult for anyone else to get a look in but finally it seems that Microsoft’s mobile phone OS is finally coming into its own and with the release of Windows Phone 8.1, it surely looks... Read more