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Comodo Dragon Browser Update Available
Comodo Dragon is a powerful Chromium technology-based Browser, which offers you all of Chrome’s features and the unparalleled level of security and privacy that you only get from Comodo. Including a greater level of privacy than Chromium technology offers. The main features of Comodo Dragon Browser are that it... Read more
Celebrity Selfies: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Not wanting to be left out of the craze that is taking selfies, famous people are joining in the fun leading to a new craze that has come to be known as the “Celfie” (celebrity selfie). Unfortunately, some celebs don’t seem as naturally gifted when it comes to selfies.... Read more
DARPA Using Oculus in Plan X Cyberwar
This week, things got interesting at the Pentagon.  The military research branch, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) showcased its latest demonstrations for Plan X.  Plan X is a software platform, which is designed to unify digital attack and defence tools and transform them into a single and easy-to-use... Read more
Redbox Closing 500 Kiosks
It seems Redbox’s growth has hit as bit of a snag as of late. For the past few years, it seems there’s not many places you could go without seeing one of their kiosks. From restaurants to grocery stores, it seems like they were everywhere – and that was... Read more
Norton 360 Update Now Available
Norton 360 is one of the best all round security suites that are available.  It contains a Virus Scanner, Firewall, Data Backup, Anti-Theft and Parental Control.  Some users like to use only one program for their digital protection, if you fall into that category, then this software is for... Read more
Tips On Buying Used Smartphones
If you don’t want to be tied in to a long-term phone contract but don’t want to pay full price for a new smartphone, then buying a used handset is one option. The online marketplace is full of second hand smartphones but choosing the right phone from the right... Read more
Mink: FDA Approved 3D Printer For Make-Up
3D printing is a growing phenomenon and items such as jewellery, clothing and shoes have all been made using this technology.  The latest product to add to the growing list is make-up.  Grace Choi has developed Mink: a 3D printer that uses FDA approved ink to produce make-up. Mink... Read more
Google Driverless Cars Prototype Ready
Imagine driving a car that doesn’t require you to do any of the driving!  Google has recently designed its own rendition of a driverless car.  It has no steering wheel, and other conventional controls are also obsolete.  Only 100 of these cars will be made in hopes that once... Read more
Apple Looking into Solar Touchscreens For iPhones
iPhones are great – except when the battery dies and all you’re left with is an expensive paperweight with an Apple logo on it. Of course it’s not all that hard at all to just hook up the charger and plug it in, but it is certainly an inconvenience... Read more
Own A Mini Batman Tumbler!
If you are a big Batman fan and you have $49,950 (USD) lying around, then you could be the proud new owner of the Mini Batman Tumbler Golf Cart. Commissioned in 2010 by a Warner Bros. Studio employee, the Tumbler golf cart was made by Marc’s Creature Company and comes... Read more Taken Down Then Back Up Again has been taken down in the latest attempt by UK police to curb illegal file sharing and then it was up again within 24 hours.  The registrar of its domain recently suspended the website’s domain after a request from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit. Officers from the... Read more
Microsoft Unhappy About Windows XP Update Hack
Still hooked on Microsoft XP for whatever reason? Even though the company has officially said goodbye to the iconic operating system, and the deadline has come and gone, there are still hardcore XP users out there. And when I say hardcore, I mean hardcore – to the point that... Read more
Smart T-shirt Reads Vitals
A t-shirt that can read vital signs?  Now that’s wearable technology!  OMsignal from Montreal has developed a t-shirt that can read vital signs, check how much calories you’ve burned and even see how stressed you are. The shirt is connected to an application on the iPhone.  The sensors in... Read more
Magic Phone Stand Makes Your Phone Levitate
If you peruse the pages of Kickstarter, you’re always sure to find at least one thing that really stands out and captures your attention. This week for me, that “thing” was the Magic Phone Stand. It is exactly what it sounds like – a magic phone stand. While charging... Read more
Nvidia Forceware Update Released
NVIDIA ForceWare software can unleash the maximum power and features in all of NVIDIA’s products, including; desktop, gaming, platform, workstation, laptop, multimedia, and mobile devices.  Nvidia delivers a proven track record of reliability, compatibility and stability with a massive array of games and applications; ForceWare software ensures a paramount... Read more
Kids’ Reactions To An Old Apple II Computer: Hilarious!
The YouTube series “Kids React” is a very funny collection of observations made by kids but the latest episode is particularly funny, with the children being given an old Apple II computer to play with. After being given a little background information on the computer that was released back... Read more
XBMC Media Centre Update Now Available
XBMC is a media centre application, which runs upon Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Xbox platforms.  This award winning software is the ultimate hub for all your media.  XBMC is easy to use.  It looks polished and also has a large community. XBMC supports viewing and playing a... Read more
Samsung Releases New Flip Phones For Older Customers
Samsung is hoping to move into the future by going into the past. They’ve recently announced that they’ve developed a set of new flip phones aimed at the older generation. I’m not sure what all research they’ve done that showed them older folks prefer flip phones, but I’m sure... Read more