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Download The Latest Version Of Beyond Compare
If you need to compare files and folders on your system, then Beyond Compare is the ideal tool for the job.  You can compare filesa dn folders, use specialized viewers and a 3-way Merge view.  You can even synchronize folders. Beyond Compare lets you quickly and easily compare your files... Read more
Verizon To Begin Slowing Down 4G LTE Data Speeds
If you are currently on an unlimited data plan with Verizon (which is about 20% of all Verizon customers who have a data package), some recent news they’ve announced might soon affect you in a big way. Due to more and more people using more and more data each... Read more
How To Extract Files Using WinRAR
This is a quick guide on how to use WinRAR for extracting/UnRAR files.  WinRAR is a fantastic freeware tool for extracting files from their compressed formats.  One thing that makes WinRAR such a popular application is the easy to use interface. There are several different ways to open an... Read more
10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind!
Our brain is a truly amazing thing, better than any super computer out there. However, our brain can be easily tricked into seeing things that aren’t really there! Put your brain to the test with these fun optical illusions. Read more
Apple MacBook Pro Receives Upgrade
As Apple’s product landscape is fluid at the best of times, it is easy to miss when some of their products get a subtle revamp.  For the more discerning Apple fan, it is prudent to keep an eye on the Apple Store to see if any changes occur.  ... Read more
PS4 System Update Adds 3D Blu-Ray Support
Sony has just pushed its latest system software update for the PS4. The latest update is Version 1.75. The update adds a few minor patches, but the big news is that it came with support for 3D Blu-ray playback.  This is a feature that many people have been screaming... Read more
Blink Camera Watches Your Home When You Can’t
Have you ever wondered what was happening in your home while you were away? Do you ever wonder what your pets are really up to, or who’s eating all of the cookies, or even who tracked all of that mud into the entryway? (Maybe you secretly wonder if there’s... Read more
Hilton $550 Million Smartphone Roomkey Initiative
The Hilton hotel chain is investing a massive $550 million on the idea that hotel guests will turn to using smartphones for their day-to-day travel arrangements.  For instance, smartphones can be used to choose rooms, check in and unlock doors. The company is planning to announce new technology that is... Read more
10 Best Smartphone Mounts
Most of us now use our smartphones whilst travelling, either for their sat nav functions or for playing music. So naturally we want a device that will keep our phones safe during any journey. We researched what’s most important to people who are looking to purchase a new mount... Read more
Batkid Documentary Starts A Crowdfunding Campaign
In the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film, Ben Affleck, will be the new dark knight but he said Batkid is the ‘best Batman ever’.  That’s extremely high praise considering he’s up against Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, and Michael Keaton!  But who is Batkid? Miles... Read more
This Flux Capacitor Charger Takes Your Car Back In Time
I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve loved the Back to the Future movies since I saw them for the first time years ago. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of traveling back in time and even going into the future. Those classic movies introduced us to classic tools... Read more
GestureWorks Gameplay App Turns Your Android Device Into A Gamepad
Today Ideum launches version 2 of its GestureWorks Gameplay virtual controller app. With Android support you will be able to use your Android smartphone or tablet to play PC games, rather than a gamepad or keyboard. The great thing is you will still be able to customize the controls... Read more
AnyDesk 1.1.0 Beta Available Now
If you need a great Remote Desktop application, then you can’t go far wrong with AnyDesk.  The software uses TLS1.2 encryption and both ends of the connection are cryptographically verified, so you can be sure that your connection is secure.  AnyDesk is very lightweight and is packed into a... Read more
Get The Sims 2 (Plus Expansions) For Free This Week!
I can well remember the first time I played The Sims. It was such a different way of gaming that I fell in love with it almost immediately. There was just something so fun about watching little Sims live life out for me on my computer screen. I loved feeding them,... Read more
Amazon Creates On-line 3D Printing Shop
Amazon has jumped on the 3D printing bandwagon by creating its first 3D printing shop!  In the on-demand Amazon shop, products can be purchased, customised, ordered, 3D printed then delivered right to your door.  The shop launched Monday and you can get many items including iPhone cases, home decoration,... Read more
If You Use Facebook At All, You’ve Been Experimented On
Are you a regular Facebooker? Have you used it at all? Even a little bit? Maybe you are a faithful, every day (multiple times a day, of course) user, or maybe you only log on a couple times a week at most just to see what’s going on with... Read more
The Cutest Pair On Instagram!
Be prepared, the following images are seriously cute and are guaranteed to melt any heart! Baby Eisleigh and Clyde the puppy are practically the same age, with only a couple of weeks between them. They are the best of friends and do everything together. Perhaps the most incredible thing... Read more
Cheering Robots May Be In The Future Of Sports
I don’t know what you think of when you think of sporting events, but I think of several things – overpriced (and mediocre) food, lots of traffic, cramped seats, the sun in my eyes, obviously some kind of game going on down below, and, oh yeah – a ton... Read more