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Secret App Hacked, Reveals Anonymous Identities‏
Secret is a new hit US mobile app, based on the idea of Twitter and Instagram, without the profile, name or any identity. This allows users on Secret to expose different “secrets” that they would otherwise never speak about on the Internet. Like most cases with anonymity, Secret has... Read more
DMV Says Google’s Self Driving Car Will Still Require Controls
The self-driving car is not too far from becoming the standard sight on our highways and although Google’s self-driving car prototypes have been designed with basic controls, it appears as though that isn’t enough for some people. The state of California is throwing the proverbial ‘wrench’ in the works by demanding... Read more
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Cannot Save Barnes & Noble‏
Barnes & Noble decided to drop first party manufacturing duties last year, after sales of the Nook e-reader and tablet line started to dwindle. Samsung has become the manufacturer for the Nook series, and the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is the first partnered device.  Samsung is a huge name... Read more
New Moto X1 Leaks Show Optical Zoom & Wooden Back‏
The Moto X1 looks to be the successor to Motorola’s original Moto X, the phone that kickstarted the change in Motorola’s management, brand and design ethics. The successor looks to be a rather large iteration on the first, adding higher-end specs and a new Super Camera. Motorola will keep... Read more
Apple Confirms September 9th Event
Finally! After months and months of speculation, Apple has officially confirmed their “big media” event that’s going to happen on September 9th of this year. While this date has been long-rumored to be a big Apple event, Apple had neither confirmed or denied it, until now that is. While... Read more
[Readers Poll] Should Facebook Block Photos & Videos Of Beheadings?
Recent photos showing severed heads taken in a part of Syria controlled by the jihadist group Islamic State, have resulted a large number of complaints from people who feel the images are gruesome and should be removed or blocked. Currently Facebook bans the use of graphic content for sadistic pleasure,... Read more
Google Now Detects Accents & Mimics
Google Now is still a half measure for many Android users, the cards look like the most potent part of the program, but the voice recognition service still needs a bit of work. A new feature looks to make it easier for multiple language users to swap over on... Read more
HP Forced To Recall 6 Million Power Cords
It’s not been a very good past couple of days for Hewlett Packard (HP). They’ve recently had 29 reports of some of their power cords which had been charred and/or melted while plugged in. Amid these reports, some of them reported people being burned by the cords, and quite... Read more
Speed Up Your Android Smartphone in Three Easy Steps
If you’ve noticed that your Android smartphone is not at its best, then we’re here to help you give it a check up. It may be that your handset is running slow or just not performing as well as it used to, either way, don’t put it off any... Read more
Is There A ‘Star Trek’ Communication Device On The Horizon?
Jesse Robbins took a step away form the tech industry and began training as a part-time firefighter and emergency medical technician for the Palo Alto (California) Fire Department, while continuing to juggle a position as a systems engineer.  Jump forward a decade or so later and Robbins has decided... Read more
Target Data Breach Much Worse Than First Thought…
Remember the huge data breach that happened at Target late last year? Yes, the one where their POS system was hacked and customer’s names, addresses, credit card numbers, etc. were freely handed over to criminals. Yes, the same one that pretty much made every person who’d physically shopped at... Read more
Twitch.TV Acquired By Amazon For $1 Billion‏
Amazon has acquired Twitch.TV for $970 million earlier today, the deal was officially announced after two months of silence from Google and Twitch. Amazon’s name had only cropped up one day before the announcement, previously Google had been the only bidder. Twitch.TV is the largest video game streaming service,... Read more
Sprint Announces Much Cheaper Family Data Plan
If you’re interested in finding a decent cell phone provider that includes a good data plan for a low price (and who isn’t?), then you may need to look no further than Sprint depending on where you live. Never a company to be outdone by their competition, Sprint has... Read more
Apple TV vs Chromecast – Which is Better?
We recently asked TechBeat readers to tell us whether they use Google’s Chromecast or Apple TV for streaming audio and video content. The result was that 67% percent of you have chosen Chromecast, so let’s a look at both Apple TV and Chromecast to find out why it has... Read more
3D Printed Medical Implants Help Drug Delivery
A research team at Louisiana Tech University has recently developed a pioneering method for using inexpensive, consumer-grade 3D printers and materials to construct custom medical implants, which can contain either antibacterial and/or chemotherapeutic compounds to enable a targeted medication delivery for the patient. Louisiana Tech’s biomedical engineering and nanosystems... Read more
Teen Dies While Doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
If you’ve been online at all during the past couple of weeks, you’ve no doubt seen a ton of “Ice Bucket” challenges. These videos, where people dump ice cold water on themselves to support ALS research and challenge their friends to do the same (or pay a lump sum... Read more
BAE Working On Smart Skin For Military Aircraft
British defence contractor, BAE Systems, is currently developing a system for aircraft, which allows the exterior of aircraft to “feel” damage or injury in a similar way to human skin.  BAE said the technology is able to detect problems before they occur. The system works by covering the entire... Read more
The Most Painful Ice Bucket Challenge So Far!!!
If you saw our collection of Ice Bucket Challenge fails, then you’ll already be aware of just how wrong things can go. However, poor Teresina Bell from Ireland messed up her challenge so badly that she was actually left with whip lash. The challenge started like any other; a... Read more