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IS Camera Roll Coming Back With iOS 8.1?
Among other complaints surrounding the new iPhone 6’s and that first iOS 8.0.1 update, it seems like a lot of people were upset because the “camera roll” was removed from the photos app. As many of you already know, the camera roll was where you could go to see... Read more
Smart Hotel: Hub, Opens In London
I few months ago, here at TechBeat News, we published an article regarding a new hotel concept by Whitbread Hotels (they own the Premier Inn chain).  These ‘smart’ hotel rooms enable customers to interact with them using smart devices. Well, the time has now arrived as Hub has just opened... Read more
Blizzard Cancels Project Titan After Seven Years Of Development
Blizzard have a reputation for dropping hyped up titles, even if they do not reveal a lot about the title. We are always reminded how much Starcraft: Ghost and Warcraft Adventures were loved by the community, even though both projects were cancelled way before final release. This week, CEO... Read more
Google Project Ara Allows Interchangeable Parts Whilst Being Used
Google’s first modular smartphone, Project Ara, will use a modified version of Google’s Android L operating system and is expected to be out in January 2015. Google is keeping their cards pretty close to their chest on this one. Although limited information is known regarding the final device, it’s just come to... Read more
How To Self-Publish A Calendar And Sell It Online
With digital photography now the norm for most people, having physical prints of your photos is less common than it used to be, which led to the advent of people producing their own premium hardback photo books, mugs, cushions, jigsaws and fridge magnets to show off their photos instead... Read more
Amazon Fresh To Hit NYC Soon
Always one to be amongst the first to try out new and inventive things, Amazon is having a go at plain old simple grocery shopping and giving it a 21st century revamp! Amazon is starting their grocery delivery service for users, called Amazon Fresh. The delivery service is only currently... Read more
Could This Be Luke Skywalker’s New Look In Star Wars?
I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about the new lineup of Star Wars movies coming to the big screen. I’m excited for the new stories, of course, but I think more than anything I’m looking forward to seeing some of my old favorite characters returning to... Read more
Bigger Phones Mean Bigger Pockets
With the invention of the ‘phablet’ , clothing is having to adapt.  Fashion retailers are finding their pockets to be too small for the new larger sized smartphones. Perhaps the complaints about the new iPhone 6+ bending in restricted pockets has triggered this new fashion statement.  However, what smartphone... Read more
Study Shows That Half Of Us Use Damaged Phones
I am known for taking meticulous care of my smartphone. It is rare indeed when my iPhone is out of it’s protective case, and in those times, I make sure it’s not over the toilet or over an area where it would break were it to fall to the... Read more
Good2GO’s Consent App Should Lessen Sex Assaults
Can an app tell someone if they are too drunk to consent to sex? Santon Technologies has boldly come up with Good2Go: an app that determines, from a series of questions, whether someone can consent to sex. Before the two ‘hook up’, the app should be consulted.  It asks,... Read more
Avant Browser 2015 Build 1 Has Been Released
Avant Browser is a quality application that has been designed to expand familiar features, which are provided by Internet Explorer. The browser adds lots of features and functionalities to IE and the user-friendly interface allows you to have a fresh level of clarity and efficiency to your browsing experience.... Read more
WinUtilities Update Is Now Available
WinUtilities is a selection of professional tools that are designed to help you optimize your computer’s system performance by performing tasks such as removing unnecessary files and fixing broken shortcuts. Win Utilities key features include: With WinUtilities you are able to delete your application and Internet history. Tjhe application allows... Read more
iPhone 6 Bending Not As Common As You Think…
If you’ve had the news on at all since the release if the iPhone 6 and its big brother the iPhone 6 Plus, you’ve no doubt heard about all of the flack Apple seems to be catching over problems with the devices. First, there was the massive problem with... Read more
FAA Grants Hollywood Freedom To Film With Drones
The FAA has given permission to six movie and television companies, allowing them to use drones to shoot scenes for their productions. This groundbreaking decision reverses former rigid restrictions on the commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems, more commonly known as drones, within US airspace. The FAA is currently... Read more
CloudFlare Adds Universal SSL To 2 Million Websites For Free‏
CloudFlare has over two million registered websites using their free cloud service. In an attempt to keep them on the service and draw in more free users, CloudFlare will now add Universal SSL to every new user account. SSL or secure socket layers offers a higher level of encryption... Read more
Woman Gets DUI While Using Smartphone To Order Pizza
There’s never a good reason to drink and drive, and there’s usually never a good enough reason to use an app on your smartphone while you’re behind the wheel. There’s enough going on on the road to worry about what someone said in a text message or in an... Read more
Conductive Paint Turns Window Into Interactive Touch Screen
Hiut Denim has become a new place to check out touch screen displays.  The denim retailer has just transformed one of their shop windows into a display, which doubles as an informative touch screen. The process has been accomplished using conductive ink that was painted onto the window. The... Read more