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How to Create Wavy Text in Photoshop
Photoshop has always been very good at warping and bending images or text by using its many Transform tools. If you’ve been using Adobe Photoshop a long time, you may not know some of the shortcuts and extra options that have developed in more recent versions. If you’re using CS6 upwards,... Read more
Need A Lightweight Media Player? Check out Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Have you ever needed an easy to use media player? We are sure you have. Like most users, the option of a lightweight program combined with a simple UI is a must. Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a media player for Windows, which provides simple unobtrusive video playback.... Read more
NASA Designing A Drone For Mars
Always at the forefront of science and technology, NASA may be sending a copter drone to Mars five years from now. The drone will accompany a six-wheeled terrain vehicle that is being designed for the space administration’s next rover mission. According to, the copter drone is currently being... Read more
“Used” Star Trek Phaser Going Up For Auction
While I’m no “Trekkie”, I have watched my fair share of Star Trek. I loved the space-travel, the Enterprise, but most of all, I thought the phasers were awesome. They reminded me of the future, yes, but they also reminded me of something out of the past, like, something out... Read more
French Coder Creates Smallest Game: Boot Chess
All generations have certain things they get misty eyed about and feel an irresistible urge to share it with younger people in a desperate attempt to make them understand just how groundbreaking and wonderful it was back in the day. For some it was having the whole street round... Read more
Teen Murdered Over Snapchat Message
Snapchat has faced all kinds of controversy in the past year, not the least of which being when users of the photo-sharing service were hacked through a third party client and all kinds of pictures of underage teenagers were released on the internet. Even more recently, the popular app... Read more
YouTube Now Uses HTML5 Instead of Flash Video
The Google-owned media giant, YouTube, has just announced that it has begun using HTML5 video as its default for all media playback on the website. This marks a substantial forward step in its progressive move away from Flash. YouTube has stated the new default standard will work in the... Read more
Why You Should Never Use An iPad To Take Photos!
There are many reasons why you should avoid taking photos with an iPad. Firstly because they were never actually designed to have the best camera, so you’re not going to get an amazing shot and secondly because you’ll only end up blocking everyone’s view, annoying the heck out of... Read more
Microsoft Office Apps for Android Released
A few weeks back, Microsoft released a preview version of their Office for Android apps. The time has now arrived for the guys over at Redmond to bring the final versions to the Google Play Store. Now you can download the finalised versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to... Read more
Will The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Live Up To Expectations?
The gaming world in 2014 lacked any significant punches, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Bayonetta 2 were all fantastic titles, but there wasn’t a killer game everyone was playing. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt could be the killer game for 2015, if CD Projekt Red’s third... Read more
10 Inventions We Can Thank NASA For
When we think of NASA often the first thing that springs to mind is the exploration of new planets and moons, not objects that we use here on Earth everyday. However, because NASA has always been at the forefront of innovation, it has been able to develop new and... Read more
Apple Fixes Google Exposed Security Holes In OS X
Apple has just released the latest update for OS X Yosemite (10.10.2). This update marks the second update for the new operating system since its October 2014 release. It is understood that testing for OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 began back in late November. Apple introduced six beta tests to... Read more
Teen Expelled After Posting Pic Of Principal On Facebook
There are good uses for Facebook, and then there are not so good uses, as one teenager from England is learning the hard way. Despite the fact that you can say pretty much whatever you like on the social media site, that doesn’t mean your comments won’t occasionally have... Read more
Twitter Launches Mobile Video Camera and Group Direct Messaging
Twitter have revealed in a blog post that they have started rolling out two fresh new features: group messaging and a new mobile video experience. If you want to have a private conversation on Twitter, then you can. This is a great addition to the vastly public experience that... Read more
Google Fiber Expanding To Four New Cities
Google is back on track with its fiber deployment schedule, following a blank 2014 where Google Fiber arrived in Austin, TX, and will be hitting four new cities in the US very soon. Under the #FiberIsComing campaign tag, Google Fiber will arrive in Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte and... Read more
The Apple Watch Is Coming In April
Apple has had a lot of good fortune lately, especially over the Christmas holiday, and it seems their luck is going to hold out through in 2015, as more news about their first wearable, the Apple Watch, has finally been released after months and months of speculation. Tim Cook,... Read more
Blind Mother Sees Newborn For The First Time With eSight Glasses
The sight of your newborn is an incredible experience. Seeing them move and grasp your hand for the first time is nothing short of a miracle. But imagine a mother never seeing seeing her newborn child due to blindness. 29-year-old woman Kathy Beitz began to lose her eyesight when... Read more
Former Opera CEO Launches Vivaldi: The Power Browser
Last week Microsoft announced a new browser, Project Spartan. That’s not the only news in the browser wars as the ex CEO of Opera has just announced a new browser as well, Vivaldi. This new browser is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and although it is still in its infancy,... Read more