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Netflix Should Add Self-Control Tools For House Of Cards
If there is one thing Netflix can count on, it’s binge watchers sticking on the service for a few hours per day to watch a few too many episodes of House of Cards, Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black. In the case of Breaking Bad (and more... Read more
This Unseen Jacket Changes Colors With Your Mood
When I was in junior high, there was a time when mood rings were about the most popular thing out there. You remember them, don’t you? The rings you wore that changed colors based on what kind of mood you were in? I have to be honest – I... Read more
Xbox Live Gold Gets A Price Cut
If you have an Xbox One or even an Xbox 360 and have been waiting for a great reason to purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription, there’s probably not going to be a better time than right now to get one. Microsoft have announced that they’re cutting the price... Read more
FCC Passes Strong Net Neutrality Laws In the United States
The Federal Communications Commission has passed the vote for stronger net neutrality laws in the United States, voting three to two in favor of the laws being passed into Congress. It is the first move by Chairman Tom Wheeler to reclassify broadband companies as utilities under the Title II... Read more
Spotify Premium Will Soon Show Lyrics
Spotify Premium is a great service. The ability to listen to (almost) anything I want at anytime is amazing. Where I used to spend tons of money on CDs every month, now I spend $10 and have so much more in my catalog (Albeit I don’t “own” any of... Read more
US Lawmakers Argue Proposed FCC Net Neutrality Regulations
In what has been called the most important vote on FCC regulations in our lifetime, the clock is ticking on the hot-button issue of net neutrality. At the heart of the matter is allegations that some Congressional lawmakers accept lobby money from cable companies and internet service providers in... Read more
More Drivers Are Using Facebook On The Road
If your daily travels are anything like mine, then you probably see more people glued to their phones while driving than not. It’s only curious to wonder what they’re doing – texting, taking pictures, getting directions, asking Siri a question, actually having a phone conversation with someone else –... Read more
Apple Watch Event Scheduled For March 3
Apple has scheduled a new event with the words “Spring forward” at the bottom of the invite, most likely an introduction to any new features on the Apple Watch before launch next month. The Apple Watch was revealed in October and developers have been able to work on a... Read more
IvyPlug Smartplug Review
This product from Shenzhen Landing gets five stars for concept–heck, I’ll give it eight stars for concept–but three stars for execution. The IvyPlug, the latest offering in the growing internet of things industry, gives the user a single-outlet plug that feeds off the home’s WiFi connection in order to... Read more
The Cradle That Lets You Use Your Phone To Rock Your Baby
As a young parent of two kids, I am acutely aware of how hard it can be to get them to go to sleep sometimes. We try everything – music, rocking them in a rocking chair or in their car seat, walking up and down the hall with them,... Read more
Samsung Trimming Down Bloatware On Galaxy S6
Samsung is serious about convincing users the Galaxy S6 is the best smartphone, according to a new report from Sam Mobile, the South Korean electronics giant has removed almost all of its bloatware from the TouchWiz UI. It follows previous reports on “Project Zero”, Samsung’s internal project to start from scratch... Read more
First 10 Kindle Scout Titles Available For Pre-Order
Amazon’s new discovery and upvoting tool Kindle Scout lets the people who matter most in the publishing process–the readers–have a say in the titles that get published. Through the company’s ebook imprint Kindle Press, books that have been nominated for publication have a chance to get published and put... Read more
Apple Watch Ads Come To Vogue Magazine
In case you were wondering what magazine would be the first to advertise the Apple Watch, it turns out the answer is Vogue. With their upcoming March issue, the fashion magazine will have twelve (12!) pages of ads for Apple’s new wearable device. I’m sure all of the pages will... Read more
Mars Curiosity Rover Takes Panorama of Red Planet
With all the talk of Mars, we still know so little about the red planet. Even though a group of individuals are gearing up to say goodbye to Earth and begin a human colony on the planet, obviously no humans have yet to set foot on Mars; so, what... Read more
Apple Pay Coming To Europe By End Of Year
Apple CEO Tim Cook has been visiting Europe to check up on Apple’s progress in the region, according to new reports. While in Germany, Cook apparently revealed Apple Pay would be available across all of Europe by the end of the year. The chief exec reportedly spilt the beans... Read more
Strange Drones Are Showing Up Over Paris At Night
The drones are coming! It seems drones are creating just as many problems as they’re solving around the world. For every story about the good potentials of drone use, there seems to be another story of someone not using their brain and flying them where they shouldn’t be, like... Read more
Man Creates Star Wars Pancake Printer
Being the father of a 3-year old daughter, I’ve had to improve upon my pancake making skills which were virtually nonexistent before I became a parent. Now, I am proud to say I can make Mickey Mouse pancakes, sprinkle pancakes, heart pancakes…and the list pretty well stops right about... Read more
Dole Japan Creates Wearable, Smart, & Edible Banana
I’m not one easily surprised by what kind of technology comes out anymore; smart devices don’t really take my breath away anymore – I guess I’ve become a little too familiar with them. As a result, it takes something really special (read: outlandish) to catch me off guard –... Read more