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Google AI Surgical Robot In Development
Google and healthcare company Johnson & Johnson are working on developing surgical robots, which use artificial intelligence. In order to accomplish this, the life sciences division of Google will work alongside Johnson & Johnson’s medical device company, Ethicon. The collaboration will create a robotics-assisted surgical platform that is designed to... Read more
Electric Smartscooter Arrives In Taiwan
Gogoro is preparing to launch its electric Smartscooter in Taiwan this summer, coming to Taipei City and Greater Taipei City first with an expansion to more cities in the near future. The Smartscooter features a whole new system for charging. Customers subscribe to an electric battery supply dotted throughout... Read more
Meerkat And The Race To Show Users Live Streaming Social Media
I saw a new app featured in the App Store this morning and I rolled my eyes, thinking to myself, “Does the internet really need another social media platform?” And the answer is yes. Meerkat–and its hot on the heels competitor Periscope, bought in January by Twitter–allows users to... Read more
You Can Now Buy A Back To The Future Hoverboard
The Back to the Future movies are some of my favourite films of all time, and I especially love the second installment of the trilogy. It served to introduce us to some amazing technology from the future, including Marty McFly’s Nike Power Laces and of course it gave us the... Read more
Volvo Designing Reflective Spray Paint
Volvo have been world leaders in safety for many, many years. In fact, it was Volvo that gave the world the seat belt; it was an engineer at Volvo called Nils Bohlin who invented the three-point seat belt back in 1959. The company saw that the design was so... Read more
Inmate Frees Himself After Sending Fake Email To Prison
There are some really dumb criminals out there, but for every so many dumb ones, there are also some incredibly smart ones. One such “smart” one managed to completely get himself out of jail without using any of the old tricks; he didn’t have to tunnel through the wall... Read more
Dream Chaser Unmanned Aircraft Unveiled
Space technology is an ever evolving entity always bettering itself in the mad race to conquer space. Recently, the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) revealed an unmanned, completely autonomous spacecraft that is designed to carry cargo into orbit.  SNC has constructed this version of Dream Chaser in hopes of winning a... Read more
Apple Watch Stores Opening in London, Tokyo & Paris
Apple has invested in a range of markets outside of the normal technology scope in the past few years, including healthcare, electric cars and luxury fashion. The latter is the subject of the next big launch, the Apple Watch. The company is currently reformatting the retail experience to match... Read more
Jay Z Relaunches Tidal Streaming Service
Jay Z’s recently acquired music streaming service Tidal is kickstarting its first major campaign, #TidalForAll. The campaign is focused on artists changing their profile and background image to a turquoise color. “The Tides They Are-A Changing” #TIDALforALL — Mr. Carter (@S_C_) March 30, 2015 Several prominent artists including Beyonce,... Read more
Science Finds A Way To Change Your Eye Colour
It’s a part of the body most people either love or hate – their eye colour; whatever colour they’re born with, that’s what they have to deal with for the rest of their life. It does no good wishing for another eye colour (oh, contacts may help for a... Read more
3X Zoom Vision With New Telescopic Contact Lens
Researchers in Switzerland are currently working on a contact lenses that is capable of zooming in and out with a wink of the eye. The field of contact lens research is not new and there are some big players involved in this kind of research. Google scientists have made “smart”... Read more
Police Departments Creating Safe Craigslist Zones
I love Craigslist; I really do. I’ve gotten some awesome things for some dirt-cheap prices – but sometimes, I’ve been a little afraid when it came time to meet someone. I’ve gone to some pretty seedy apartment complexes to pick up Blu-Ray players and you name it, but recent... Read more
The Lantern Really Is Going To Change The World
There are a lot of gadgets out there that made big promises about changing the world, and only a handful of them have followed through. Remember the Segway? Some of the top names in tech declared it the most revolutionary thing since the tablet computer, a device that was... Read more
Apple Preparing 4-inch iPhone 6C Comeback Later This Year
The iPhone 5C might be seen as a failure by many, but for Apple it is a means to stay in the “mid-range” smartphone market. Rumors are starting to float around that by the end of this year, we will have a new colorful plastic iPhone. Taking the moniker ... Read more
Apple’s Tim Cook To Donate All His Millions To Charity
Being Apple’s CEO comes with a heck of a lot of money attached to it; Tim Cook reportedly is worth somewhere around $112 million and owns some stock which is worth about $665 million. And with the upcoming release of the Apple Watch, something tells me he could be... Read more
Codemasters Confirms F1 2015 Release Date
Undoubtedly, the F1 series is a masterpiece of coding. The games are up to the minute with detailed information about tracks, drivers and importantly the cars themselves. In F1 2014 the cars had a new handling model and the visuals were a sharp upgrade on the previous year’s game,... Read more
Facebook’s Internet Solar Drones Will Envelop The World
Facebook has unveiled its plan for full internet access across the globe. It involves solar powered drones with a wingspan of a Boeing 767. The drones—developed by UAV maker Ascenta—will be able to stay in the air for three months. Facebook will fit low-orbit satellites capable of transmitting 3G... Read more
Samsung and SRI Team Up To Manufacture Iris Recognition Devices
Security is an ever increasing issue amongst today’s data-centric world. Everyone needs some form of security in order to keep their personal details safe. There are innumerable password generators, password managers, biometric fingerprint scanners and other security devices such as these. You may, like me, own an iPhone that... Read more