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uTorrent Update Reportedly Mining Users’ Computers For BitCoins
A recent report by Trusted Reviews has unearthed some upsetting news for users of a torrent management software called uTorrent. According to the report, uTorrent’s most recent update came bundled with another tool called Epic  Scale, and it has been accused of mining Bitcoin in the background, a fact... Read more
12 Employees Who Got Fired For Social Media Hating
It’s perfectly fine to hate your job. You can hate your boss, too. You can even cry a little on the inside every time you pull into the parking lot to go to work. But what’s not okay is posting evidence of your hatred of employment on social media,... Read more
Skype For Business Is Good For Business
Microsoft made the announcement recently that they’ve made the leap from the original Lync program (which actually used to be called the Star Trekish Microsoft Office Communicator) to Skype for Business; a separate interface from the widely-used Skype application that intends to make business calls and messaging even better than... Read more
These Hilarious Parents Shame Their Kids On Facebook
Forget spiders and clowns and dark alleys and the number thirteen…nothing strikes fear in a young person’s heart more than that thought that their parents will embarrass them publicly. When you factor in social media, the potential for embarrassment shoots to galactic levels. Here are just a few times... Read more
Spotify Updates Help Improve The Music Streaming Exerience
Music streaming services like Spotify have come a long from the days when industry critics pronounced them the death of music. In fact, the opposite has proven to be true: with the abundance of music options and the ability to sample new artists and even new genres without the... Read more
Apple Starts Actively Rejecting Pebble Apps On iOS Store
Apple has started actively taking down apps that work with Pebble’s smartwatch, boding poorly for the future of Pebble’s system if iOS users are incapable of downloading apps for their smartwatch. SeaNav US was the first to bring up the situation, claiming its recent app update was rejected due... Read more
Six Jobs That Are Cooler Than Working In IT
As much as people like to let off a little steam by complaining about their jobs, at the end of the day we’re probably all really glad we even have one. But just to make you start questioning your life choices and doubting your own happiness, here is a... Read more
Avast Software Issues Update For Its Free Antivirus Tool
You know you’re supposed to have an up-to-date, powerful antivirus software installed on your computer. So why don’t you? Is it those pesky little pop up boxes that tell you your computer isn’t protected? The constant reminders to update or upgrade? Is it the thought that because you don’t... Read more
Yahoo Planning To Launch Virtual Assistant
Yahoo is planning a virtual assistant service in the vein of Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana, according to sources speaking to Business Insider. The service will offer search results, contextual information, important updates and located-based news. Yahoo is working alongside the advertising team on the project—known internally... Read more
Malicious Ads In Skype – Here’s What To Look For
As if the folks at Skype weren’t already busy enough with their April 14th launch of Skype for Business Online (which has replaced Microsoft’s Lync, which replaced Microsoft Office Communicator), their recent update to personal Skype accounts incorporated a few changes. Back in January, some Skype users reported a... Read more
CCleaner Updates Are Ready To Go
One of the internet’s most popular software downloads has got to be CCleaner (formerly known as “crap cleaner,” hence the name), a utility that removes unwanted files and–as the name implies–cleans out your directories. This free utility has been given some of the top honors out there, such as... Read more
Facebook Launches Potential Skype Alternative For Android
Facebook has officially launched ‘Hello’, another oddly vague name for the new Android dialer, which is available on the Google Play App Store for free starting today. Hello has a few new features to make it more than the typical dialer application on Android, including harnessing Facebook’s large social... Read more
Russian Hackers Use Adobe Flash To Hack US Government
Russian hackers with ties to the government have been using day zero exploits on Adobe Flash and Windows to gain access to crucial information on other governments, including the US, and potentially sending the information back to the Kremlin. In a report from security firm FireEye—the same team that... Read more
HBO Hunting Down Pirates Who Leaked Game Of Thrones On Torrent Sites
HBO and its parent Time Warner have often times gleefully accepted Game of Thrones is the most pirated show in the world, going as far as to say it is a bonus for the show’s overall trend worldwide. Something changed when season five aired. HBO launched Game of Thrones... Read more
The Weirdest Things You Can Buy On Amazon!
Amazon has been dubbed the “evil empire” for its killer instincts when it comes to not only selling you stuff, but doing it better, faster, and cheaper than the other guys. From its humble beginnings as a sweet little online bookshop, Jeff Bezos & Friends has grown into a... Read more
Avira Free Antivirus 2015 Review
Avira Free AntiVirus (2015) is a reliable program designed to keep your operating system secure and protected. With features like an antivirus scanner that provides complete protection against malware, a browser tracking blocker that prevents ad networks from monitoring your every move online, deal finder, safe browsing that blocks... Read more
Microsoft Apps Coming To Cyanogen Devices
Microsoft has snagged another important partnership with the makers of CyanogenMod, a ROM for Android that has become extremely popular in places like India. The partnership will include CyanogenMod 12 with Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Outlook, Bing, OneNote, and Skype coming preloaded on the update. It is a big list,... Read more
Download Halo: Spartan Strike And Blow Stuff Up
Got a gaming itch you just can’t scratch because Halo: Guardians doesn’t launch until the holidays? Never fear! Microsoft released an installment in the franchise, Halo: Spartan Strike, and it’s sure to satisfy your explosive good-guys-vs-ugly-aliens urges. Releasing for PC, Steam, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 8 phones/devices, players can... Read more